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CUTE патување во Хортобаги – Моќта на волонтирањето

Истражувањата покажуваат дека волонтерите често живеат подолго. Ова е можеби најдоброто објаснување за влијанието што го има волонтирањето врз луѓето. Поради тоа што волонтирањето е начин на живот кој носи среќа, ја зајакнува емпатијата, несебичната грижа, трпеливоста и љубовта. Со овие вредности, 32 млади волонтери од Унгарија, Северна Македонија, Полска и Романија отидоа на патувањето […]

CUTE Journey to Hortobagy – The power of volunteering

Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer. This is maybe the best description of the impact of volunteering for the people. Because volunteering is a way of living that brings happiness, promotes compassion, unselfish caring, patience and love. With these values, 32 young volunteers from Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland and Romania went […]

Youth Exchange C.U.T.E.

C.U.T.E. – Cooperate, Understand, Tolerate and Empower. Just some of the things that we had the chance to learn on this youth exchange, which turned out to be a life changing experience. This youth exchange took place from 29.07-07.08 and had 4 countries participating: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. The Macedonian team consisted of 8 […]

YE Hungary: Value our values

Our Most Valuable Trip – Our Hortobagy experience “Value Our Values” is a youth exchange, organized by the non-governmental organization “Hang-Kép  Egyesület” from Debrecen, Hungary, which took place from 15.06.2018 to 24.06.2018 in Hortobagy, Hungary. “Volunteers Centre Skopje” participated in the youth exchange with its own team, made of 5 participants under the age of […]