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Reflect yourself in a horse

There are no coincidences in life. Two women who fell in love with horses – Maria Bielak, an owner of Zadora stable, and Anna Łaszcz, psychologist, met at the right time and decided to organize equine-assisted development workshops for youngsters and adults. Can horses help us to grow? What benefits come from interaction with horses? […]

A delicious way to be more creative

I cook, I create, I’m incredibly excited by what I do, I’ve still got a lot to achieve. – Gordon Ramsay Charismatic, always smiling and passionate about cooking, a math teacher who is a real virtuoso in the kitchen, creating nothing but masterpieces on the plates. I talked to Stefan Lozanovski to find out what […]

Childhood cancers: there is light at the end of the tunnel

The NGO SANO, created by parents and friends of children being treated for cancer, has been considered an incredibly positive example in the community for years. Their spirit and fighting modes motivate all of us and give strength to those who need it most. In this edition of “VOICES,” we talk to Andrijana Serafimovska, who […]

“Lower your expectations” – How to land a role in a Netflix show 

Hollywood, a glamorous lifestyle, and a full bank account – that’s how many people imagine the life of an actor. However, being an actor is connected with quite a lot of challenges and burdens.   VOICES talked to Jones Mutegi, who landed a role in the Netflix show “Russian Doll.” The civic engineering student was an […]

“Ulni pritshmëritë” – Si të fitojmë një rol në një shfaqe të Netflix

Hollivudi, një mëyrë jetese magjepsëse dhe një llogari bankare premtuese – Kështu e imagjinojnë njerëzit jetën e një aktori. Sidoqoftë, të qenit aktor me shumë sfida dhe ngarkesa. VOICES bisedoi me Jones Mutegi, i cili fitoi një rol në shfaqjen e Netflix “Kukulla Ruse”. Studenti i inxhinierisë civile ishte një shtesë në sezonin e dytë […]

Together to achieve the goal. An interview with Borche Manevski

Being a professional takes a lot of work, but the results are always rewarding. During the SALT project, which took place in Struga, we talked to FK Pelister team captain – Borche Manevski. As it turned out, playing football had more in common with the ideas of the event than we expected.  Anna Marek: We […]

One week of European movies – Cinedays in Skopje

For one week Skopje turned into a hub for movie and festival lovers. Between the 15th of July to the 22nd of July, twelve recent European movies were played on open-air locations across the city. Usually the “Youth Cultural Center” (MKC) hosts the Cinedays during November, but the pandemic required a new planning. For the […]

From USA to Macedonia: why the Steads came to volunteer in Skopje

With their two small Maltese, the retired North American couple is already used to move around – after living in the Bahamas for five years, their latest choice was Skopje, Macedonia. Edward Stead and Elen Wright-Stead are looking forward to helping out as they can in a foreign country while they enjoy the landscape and history of the region.

Колку и да сме апатични, секогаш постојат неколку луѓе што се грижат

Интервју со режисерката Сара Јазаџиска Сара Јазаџиска (23) е млад филмски режисер, кој неодамна го сними дебитантскиот документарец насловен „Ридот на историјата“, посветен на Охрид и на неговите убавини. Самата вели дека градот, во кој живее од пролетва е непресушна инспирација, но предупредува дека непланираното градење е голем проблем не само за Охрид, туку и […]

Среќен 15 роденден, ВЦС: Домот на волонтерството

Разговор со Никола Станкоски, директор на Волонтерски Центар Скопје Кога во летото 2004 година замина на едногодишен престој во Литванија преку програмата „Европски волонтерски сервис“ (ЕВС), тогаш 19-годишниот Никола Станкоски веројатно не можел да претпостави дека тоа засекогаш ќе му го смени животот. Желбата да се открие нешто ново, инспирацијата да овозможи учество во Европски […]

Happy 15th Birthday, VCS: Home of Volunteering

Interview with Nikola Stankoski, director of Volunteers Centre Skopje When he left for a one-year stay in Lithuania in the summer of 2004 through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program, 19-year-old Nikola Stankoski probably could not have imagined that it would change his life forever. The desire to discover something new, the inspiration to enable […]