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Local journalism: an underrated task

Which news is read the most? Without any doubt, those are the ones that are related to deaths, tragic events, money, or gossip. But does that news affect us as citizens? An enormous amount of them is pure entertainment. We’ll read them, share them, and comment on them with our friends, and in a few […]

„Воисес“ – Гласот на младите веќе 15 години

Списанието замислено да ги разбие стереотипите во општеството беше креираново декември 2006 година во соработка на ВЦС и средното училиште „Д-р Панче Караѓозов’. Идеалите ни се исти како и кон крајот на есента 2006 година кога го објавивме првиот број на магазинот „Воисес“. Во многу поскромна варијанта, но со моќна порака: толеранција. Тогаш бевме загрижени […]

“Voices” of young people for 15 years

The magazine, designed to break stereotypes in society, was created in December 2006 in cooperation between VCS and the high school “Dr. Pance Karagjozov”. Our ideals are the same as at the end of 2006 when we published the first issue of “Voices” magazine. In a much more modest version, but with a powerful message: […]

Пекарите не печат лажни колачиња

Доверба. Тоа е основата на сите процеси, но се чини дека ја има се помалку и помалку. Соседите, потенцијалните познаници, наставниците и сограѓаните се оддалечија од нас. Не сме сигурни што се случува во светот околу нас, но сигурно не може да биде единствено тоа што ни го кажуваат на вестите. Ние сме критички умови. […]

Bakers don’t bake fake cookies

Trust. It’s something we can’t do without, but there seems to be less and less of it. Neighbors, potential acquaintances, teachers and fellow citizens have all grown distant from us. We’re not sure what’s happening in the world around us, but it surely can’t be what the news is telling us. We are the critical […]

VOICES May 2020

Home is strongly connected with safety and peace. Either you will call a home your family house, your favourite place that got your heart from the beginning, your country or the whole world. There are many definitions. But it should always mean that at home you’re safe and peaceful. Everyday now you probably hear the […]

VOICES January 2020

The end is the new beginning. With every new year coming people are still not done with new hopes, plans, fantasies, dreams, ideas… VOICES team is joining this global enthusiasm and we can promise you that we are not slowing down with fantasizing! But first, let us take you to ancient times of Sámi people. […]