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Learning by listening – How we “accidentally” learn languages

When I used to work in a shelter for underage refugees, literally somewhere in the central-German countryside, I made a pretty enlightening observation. The youngsters I was working with were all teenagers from countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and various African countries, that arrived in Germany during the events of 2015. Of course, one of their […]


“There are no rewards or punishments in nature: there are consequences.” – Robert Green Ingersoll A new edition of Voices is waiting for you, which introduces us to the new month – September. It is a breakthrough time of the year, not only for people but also for nature. In September, there is an autumn […]

Learning English

Learning English is not a choice nowadays, it’s an obligation. You can go everywhere in the world if you know English. Besides, it’s a very important criterion for finding a job. Almost every country has English lessons in schools, but students can’t learn English with these lessons. For example, in Turkey, English lessons start from […]

The dawn of a new Erasmus+ adventure February 12th to 19th, downtown Skopje

A new Erasmus+ project uniting organizations from Skopje, Barcelona, Bucharest, Århus, and Nicosia has recently been approved. To start implementing this idea, a six days kick-off event was held in Skopje. Here is an insight into the early stages of this cross-border working group committed to empowering youth in the long run. Partners from five […]


ДАЛИ ИМАШ ИНИЦИЈАТИВА КОЈА ЌЕ ГО НАПРАВИ СВЕТОТ  ПОДОБАР? Дали имаш од 15 до 29 години, ентузизајам, желба и волја да ја подобриш твојата заедница? Поконкретно, дали имаш идеја или иницијатива која би спаѓала во некоја од овие области: Образование и доживотно учење (човекот учи додека е жив) Социјални и општествени теми (грижа за други) […]


DO YOU HAVE AN INITIATIVE THAT WILL MAKE THE WORLD A LITTLE BETTER? Are you between 16 and 28 years old, enthusiastic, willing and able to improve your community? More specifically, do you have an idea or an initiative that could fit within these areas: Education and lifelong learning Social and Community Issues Environment and […]

Контакт Семинар во Полска

Од 1 до8 декември 2019 година се одржа контакт семинар во Зебжедовице – Полска со работен наслов”From EVS to ESC: Experimental Learning in Volunteering” организиран од Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu. Главните цели на проектот беа:да се обучат младинските работници да стекнат знаења и вештини за ефективна работа со млади, особено млади кои се соочуваат со […]

Contact Making Seminar in Poland

From 1 to 8 December 2019, a contact seminar was held in Zebrzydowice, Poland, under the title “From EVS to ESC: Experimental Learning in Volunteering” organized by Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu. The main aims of the project were: to train youth workers to gain knowledge and tools to effectively work with youth, including youth with […]

Një qasje narrative vizive për të kundërshtuar fjalimin e urrejtjes

Udhëtimin e filluam herët nga ora 8 e mëngjesit nga qyteti ynë Gostivar në aeroportin në Shkup. Aty mbërritëm në 9:30 të mëngjesit dhe hipëm në aeroplan rreth orës 1 pasdite, patëm një vonesë 30 min, por nuk ishte keq. Ne arritëm në Itali rreth orës 4-5 pasdite dhe më pas morëm një autobus nga […]

Arrivederci beautiful Italy!

It was the end of September when we took off from the Skopje Airport to Milano Airport. All the participants were so excited because it was their first time to fly by plane; they had never flown by plane before. Fortunately, we had a smooth flight, which lasted only 2 hours. During the flight I […]

Преку игра и забаба до социјална инклузија

19-ти Септември. Во три часот наутро, се собравме сите на зборното место. Со насмевки на лицето тргнавме во една далечна, за нас непозната дестинација. Романија е државата, која ќе биде наш домаќин. Ние 10-тина, заедно со двајца лидери, тргнавме во нова авантура. Возбудени и среќни, го започнавме нашето патешествие. Прва станица ни беше главниот град […]