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Diary of an EVS volunteer

Ahh, Málaga the city that amazes its visitors with its food, weather, museums, nature and fiestas. Even if this is my second time here it never stops amazing me. My name is Galina Grkovikj and this is the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter of my life called EVS. By being an non-regular student […]

Оставете ги на страна книгите по граматика и почнете да учите!

Дали сте посакале некогаш да научите некој јазик, а сепак да не платите за скапите часови? Без гајле, можете да го сторите тоа самите. „Самите“-ќе прашате, „ Нели е тоа премногу сложено? Зар не треба да сум супер талентиран за тоа?“ Не е сложено, само бара повеќе труд. И не, не ви е потребен талент, […]

Throw out your grammar book and start learning!

Ever wanted to learn a language and don’t want to pay for expensive classes­? No worries, just learn on your own! “On my own”, you ask, “isn’t that incredibly complicated? Don’t I need to be super talented for that?” It’s not complicated, just a lot of work. And no, you don’t need talent, just the […]

Language learning – Loving, connecting, expanding

Have you ever wished you could be someone other than your own old self? Had a more charming voice, a bit less boring face, a more daring personality… if only for one moment? Have you ever wished you could see the world around you, people, birds and garbage from a different perspective? Through someone else’s […]

New language, new life

Fun Fact: Did you know that learning a new language stimulates the areas in your brain responsible for neuron growth? Stronger neurons make your brain healthier. Not only that, but they decrease the chance of developing memory loss in the later stages of life. Being exposed to a certain language when you’re young is definitely […]

Hello, Space! – Interview with spacecraft design student Siiri Talvistu

Spacecraft design, it’s literally rocket science !

Training course “Peers for diversity”

In the period of 19- 25 of March 2018 in Arad, Romania 21 youth workers went on a Thematic Awareness Training course titled #PeersforDiversity. The topic was on anti-discrimination. I (Kristina Mitrovska) along with Maja Ristevska had the honor to be representatives on behalf of the Volunteers Center Skopje. Through the course of the training, […]