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Личен напредок; Како да го искористите вашиот потенцијал

Личниот напредок е процес преку кој поединецот ја развива самосвеста и на тој начин сфаќа каква личност сака да биде и, што е уште поважно, согледува каква личност може да постане. Самосвеста може да ви помогне да ги анализирате сопствените навики и да ги трансформирате во добри. На пример, доволното спиење, вежбањето, здравата исхрана или […]

Self-improvement; unlock your full potential

Self-improvement is a personal process where the individual begins by being self-aware. He sees who he wants to be and, most importantly, sees who he is capable of becoming. As a result of being self-aware, you can analyze your habits and transform them into good ones. For instance, getting enough sleep, training, eating healthy, or […]

VOICES April 2022

Oh, April! The month of rebirth and re-awakening – look at those trees and flowers! After a surprisingly long winter, we can enjoy the sunny and warm weather again. Can you smell the new adventures in the air? Finally, we can say bye-bye to winter coats and enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking to Vodno every weekend? […]

Break up With Being Broke!

Buying an apartment. Going on a vacation. Paying college tuition. Shopping. Going to the movies. Paying the bills. All of these activities and more require you to be smart about how you handle your money. Otherwise, you will end up with empty pockets. And you don’t want that, do you? Financial literacy can help you. […]

Personal development

In an ever-faster world, with always more information, thanks to social media, always having to be happy without the keys of happiness, and all the socials rules that we should follow, it’s normal to be lost. In this context, a new practice appeared: the personal development Personal development is the notion to develop yourself, nothing […]


This monday like every monday. I went to Kino Kultura for contemporary dance workshop. But this week I experiences something new and different ! Actually, last monday it wasn’t contemporary dance workshop… but laughter yoga ! Have you already heard about ?! Because for me it was something absoloutely new. We were about 8 people and […]

Dritat off, ekrani ON

Kërce nëpër një vrimë lepuri dhe le të fillojë aventura. Errësira, dritat off. Ju dhe ekrani i mbështjellë në dritë të errët. Mungesa e dritës ju jep ndjenjën e intimitetit që ju kap menjëherë pas rrezes së fundit të llambës. Drita e hollë ndriçon pluhurin që kërcen në ajër, ju sapo keni hyrë  në një […]

Lights out, screen on

Jump through a rabbit hole and let the adventure begin. Lights out, there is only darkness. You and the screen surrounded by dimming light. Lack of brightness gives you a feeling of undisturbed intimacy that covers you immediately after the last lamp turns off. Thin trickle lights up dust dancing in the air. You are […]

ЕВС во Сандански: Враќање на Балканот и неговиот специфичен дух

Јас сум Елена и учествував на краткорочен ЕВС проект во Сандански. Бугарија е соседна земја на мојата татковина, и сигурно сте љубопитни зошто избрав да учествувам токму тука? Прво, бидејќи последниве неколку години сум отсутна од дома и навистина ми недостига Балканот и неговиот специфичен дух. Покрај тоа, важна беше и главната наша задача: бевме […]

EVS in Bulgaria: Return to the Balkans and it’s specific spirit

I am Elena and I took part as a short term EVS volunteer in Sandanski. Bulgaria is a neighbouring country of my homeland, and I’m sure you are so curiosity why I chose this project? First of all because in the last few years I was absent from my home area and I really missed […]

Can you hear me?

If a violinist plays in the woods and there is no one there to hear him, does he really make a sound? Although this question was posed by one of characters from cult 90s. tv series Northern Exposure it didn’t lose on its validity. What would be the purpose of art for art’s sake? For […]