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Rise & Fall in Breakdancing

People are gathered together, highly anticipating what’s to come. The MC announces the next dancers to step up. Adrenaline fills the hearts of the bboys and the show begins. Breakdance is a street dance style that is an element of the hip hop movement that started among African American and Latin American youths during the […]

Architect with an Impressive Allure – Petar Mulichkovski

One of the most significant Macedonian architects is Petar Mulichkovski. In his long career he created in almost all architectural types. The greatest impact in his work had his PhD research he did under the greatest of them all- Frank Lloyd Wright. In one of his latest phases maestro Wright was influenced by the authentic […]

Nikola Popovski: Art for art’s sake

Nikola Popovski is a film director. When he was in high school he started to think about his future as a director. From childhood times, Nikola really liked to watch movies and he watched them over and over again. And later he considered other things boring, like being a doctor or someone else. He felt […]

Language Cafe Vol. 4 – Oct 10th

People from different nationalities and countries participate in the latest edition of our Language Café. It is an event created by VCS where creative people set up tables with their flags and people are welcome to sit with them and learn about their countries. For me it was a great experience, I couldn’t help but […]

My plan “B”

When you speak with Macedonian people about Macedonia, they say: “We can go abroad for work, but after ashort time we are back to our homeland, because this place is the best in the world and our family is here”. After this conversation I start to think about foreigners, who moved to Balkans and what […]

Pink soup?

I don‘t know how many of you tried it or even hear about it, but those who didn‘t are missing out. Ok, I know that everything comes up to the taste and you cannot really argue about that, because eveone likes different things, but in Lithuania we are crazy about this shit! We call it […]

Pivolend 2017

It was the day before the Super Cup match, Monday. I clearly remember walking up towards the old bazaar, people trying to sell me T-shirts, and all I would say is “Which way is Pivolend?”. We found it with ease. I think we had gotten there quite early because although everything was set up, everyone […]

UEFA Super Cup 2017

Football… One of the most important things in the life of men…Lately, women as well. Although, maybe somebody will ask how somebody can watch 22 millioners chasing a ball on a green field for almost 2 hours, I will simply say: It’s kind of magic! Some things in life you cannot reason, you either like […]

Drimon Festival

So it started with a morning meeting with a lot of other volunteers to be briefed about what we had to do for the festival to kick off. To my surprise, there were quite a lot of us, and we worked together to set up recycle bins around the park area. The day was very […]

Scout Youth Exchange Macedonia – Belgium

It all started on July 20th, when full bus of Belgium scouts reached Struga with big bags and the energy for the whole 5 days of our project. We were introduced to friendly scout leaders and the rest 10 people in the group. Both Belgium and Macedonian participants joined in for one bounce, kicking the […]

JUMP! DANCE! D Festival 2017 in Dojran!

In the middle of July a lot of young people from whole Macedonia participated in one of the biggest open air  festival in Macedonia „D Festival” on Dojran Lake . Our organization Volunteers Centre Skopje too joined for this amazing event.   We prepare for youth a lot of activity and board games, we promoted […]