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Udhëtimi më i gjatë

A mund ta shpjegojmë dashurinë? A gjendet ajo në buzëqeshjet që shohim, në të qeshurat që dëgjojmë, në shkëlqimin verbërues të syve të dikujt apo ndoshta në prekjet tona? Në të vërtetë nuk ekziston një shpjegim i mirëfilltë. Por a duhet të dimë se prej nga vjen ajo? A mund ta shohim atë në perëndimet […]

The longest ride

Can one explain love? Is it in the smiles we see, the laugh we hear, the blinding sparkle in someone’s eye, or maybe it is the way we touch. There is no explanation really. Are we supposed to know when it’s coming? Are we supposed to see it in the burning sunset or hear it […]

VOICES March 2020

As the spring gets closer, this edition of VOICES is bursting with topics full of light, love and questions. The topic of the month will take you deep into the world of tattoos, maybe so deep that you’ll end up taking one on your own skin! And one of the most essential things in life, […]

Love me or pour me a wine

14th of February. The whole world is being decorated with hearts and cupids and everybody is talking about love. Well, almost the whole world. At the Balkans people are cutting grapevines and drinking wine. The day of love? The day of wine? Saint Valentine or Saint Tryphon? Both of them, Saint Valentine and Saint Tryphon, […]

Се бара пријател

Не сакам да судам, особено кога станува збор за луѓе кои не ги ни познавам, а ги сакам во мојот живот. Да осудуваш е ограничување. Понекогаш, можеме да бидеме слепи за прекрасни луѓе и да си ускратиме неверојатни искуства со нив затоа што не ги исполниле карактеристиките што претходно сме ги утврдиле како суштински. На […]

A friend is wanted

I don’t like to define – especially when it comes to people, people I don’t even know but I want in my life. To define is necessarily to limit. Sometimes, we can blind ourselves to wonderful people and shield ourselves from beautiful experiences because those we meet simply do not fit the characteristics that we […]

VOICES February 2020

Even though the weather lately doesn’t really seem like it, we’re in the middle of winter! These days, the thermometer shows up to 13 degrees but the nights are still long, dark and cold. So what would be better during this season than enjoying the warmth of some nice company. Maybe some good friend(s)? The […]

Love for ALL / Liebe für ALLE! Sharing the message

Love for ALL (german: Liebe für Alle) is a non-profit organization based in Leipzig (Germany). It originated from an action that a bunch of people in Magdeburg (Germany) started in 2012. The idea behind it is to fight discrimination and share the message of tolerance, solidarity and love around the world. According to the activists […]

Sun is on my side

Believe it or not, but every time I will look into the face of the sun, from any place in this world, I will think of Macedonia. Sun was always on my side in here, giving me energy and leading me to do amazing. As well as the people, who are the soul and the […]

Share a smile, share love

SHARING IS CARING – short and quite simple saying. I believe we all have used it at some point, however what we should be asking ourselves is: Are we the ones saying it or the ones using it? Are we truly happy if we have it all, but no one to share it with? Let’s […]

Coffee, Love & Biz

Coffee time in the Balkans is something that connects people over things they need to discuss (and there is always a lot to discuss!) and what gives them time to take a break from daily duties. In fact, sometimes I feel like mentality here is like: „-What time is it? -Time is a coffee!”. Then, […]