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Concrete landscapes

I’ve always been fascinated by the problems of urban areas. Damaged buildings, squatting people in empty corners where even police are afraid to check. Additionally, loads of socio-economic issues the municipality cannot handle alone. My former field of study is recreating these spaces and making them more livable. I feel like it is engrained in […]

Skaznuvalka – The power of story

We can safely say that stories accompany us always and everywhere. The pleasant voice of loved ones reading has a soothing effect on us when we are children. Later, when we grow up, the impact of stories increases even more: a well-chosen story enriches our experience and imagination, expands our vocabulary, shows other thought patterns, […]

Парасомнија – кога вашите кошмари го живеат вашиот живот

Ти си дете, невино, животот си тера. Еден ден имаш страшно искуство, толку лошо што совеста те потсетува на тоа од ден на ден. Мислиш дека се ќе биде во ред, но има нешто што те потсетува дека нема. Кошмари. Ништо нема да оди добро. Сакаш да плачеш, секоја вечер се будиш со напад на […]

Parasomnia – when your nightmares are living your life

You are a child, innocent, and life goes on. One day you have a terrible experience, so bad that it’s been recalled by your conscience day by day. You think that everything will be fine, but there is something that reminds you that no. Nightmares. Nothing will go well. You want to cry and every […]


May; the month of freedom and gratitude  Freedom is a term usually used to describe the feeling where a person doesn’t feel attached to any responsibilities or priorities and is free to live as he wishes.  Nowadays, many people consider freedom a utopia because they find it impossible to be liberated from their life roles […]

The fascinating Catalan Culture

Catalunya is located in Spain. It has a population of 7.5 million people. It is rich in culture and tradition, unique food, language, and special festive days. You might have heard something about Catalan culture before, but if you haven’t, these are some examples of the most common festive traditions that you should know. Correfoc  […]

History of a red headscarf

It happened in the middle of one summer night. 2:13 a.m., she was fighting for every breath but couldn’t manage. I was just beside her, couldn’t move, say or do anything but let her go. To the other, better side, when there’s no more pain. After eight months of fighting, we lost her. She left […]

Сакам да учам

Кога ќе ја кажам оваа реченица, добивам чудни погледи од луѓето, проследени со реченицата: Е ова прв пат го слушам. Но, зошто? Што има толку чудно во тоа една средношколка да ужива во учењето? Зарем тоа мора да е обврска која се извршува со цел да се има некаков успех во иднината? Обврска, која мора […]

Stop dieting, start eating

I’m on a diet… always How many times someone told you ‘I need to go on a diet’?The probability that it was more than once in your lifetime it huge, am I right? And you’ve been there too? That’s great! Why? The reason why it’s great is not the fact that you’ve gotten to this […]

Librat – si miqtë tanë

Librat – një stil i jashtëzakonshëm arti që ka ekzistuar që nga krijimi i vetë shoqërisë. Duke u nisur nga piktogramet e thjeshta kuneiforme dhe shumëngjyrëshe të gjetura në pllaka balte dhe mure ndërtesash të lashta, papiruse misterioze, copëza faqesh të ngjitura në lidhëse të thjeshta dhe dalëngadalë duke u evoluar në kryevepra të mrekullueshme […]

Books as our friends

Books – an incredible art style that has been around since the creation of society itself. Starting from the simple cuneiform and colorful pictograms found on clay tablets and walls of ancient buildings, mysterious scrolls, scraps of pages contained in simple bindings and slowly evolving into wonderful masterpieces both in appearance and in the beautiful […]