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How the Internet can help us deal with social distancing

If staring constantly at our phones, living an online life, was what kept us from really enjoying what was happening around us before the pandemic, today the situation is quite different. Humans are social beings and if they can’t be next to other people, they sure find another way to communicate. During the pandemic, that […]

Размена на наочари

Дојде ти Дојдов и јас Се најдовме на пола пат Ти ги извади твоите Јас ги извадив моите Искушението настапи на сцена Ти увиде нешто Јас увидов нешто Погледот различен ќе да е Дафина ,, Даффне” Веселиноска

Meeting new people

Many of us, when asked, say we love to meet new people. Different people, people who do not belong to our list of acquaintances and everyday life, people with whom we will not have the usual conversations, with the usual exclamations, the usual reticence, the usual laugh, and the usual silences. People whose features have […]

Што можеше да биде? Mодерниот архипелаг на испуштени средби

Вчера, запознав странец во автобусот. Помеѓу многумината на коишто моето тело и животен пат им пријде, ги oпкружувале, но на крајот не се сретнале, постои и овој млад дечко. Тој носеше и не многу дискретен, но многу елегантна маица со силна боја на сенф (или окер маица?), оригинални очила украсени со неговото добро издефинирано лице […]

What would have been? The modern archipelago of missed encounters

Yesterday, I met a stranger on the bus. Among many whom my body and life path approached, surrounded, but finally didn’t cross, there was this young man. He was wearing a not very discreet, but strongly elegant mustard shirt, original glasses that adorned his well defined face of sharp traces. Neatly trimmed hair, pleasantly carefree […]

VOICES November 2019

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship VOICES. Its monthly mission: to explore strange new worlds and cultures. Logbook, November 2019. The volunteering spacecraft is being launched in Kisela Voda space station. Long for the stars with us and learn about our place in the Universe. Meet new people and dance […]

The Relationships that never worked out in the end

The museum of Broken Relationships is an art project started by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić in 2006. It is a good way to say goodbye to our love stories that never worked out. It has been growing since 2006 and has now a travelling exhibition in addition to its original permanent location in Zagreb. […]

VCS ON AIR : meeting City Radio

For an afternoon, the VCS crew became radio pundits. Discover what happened in this blog report.