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Еден ден

Сите политичари, банкари, пензионери, болничари, програмери….. ќе се сложат и ќе знаат дека се индивидуи, а не маса Дека нивниот труд се цени, а не се експлоатира И нивните главоболки за подобро утре ќе осамнат, а грижите за ненахранетите деца ќе исчезнат Сметките за вода, струја… нема да бидат причина за караница помеѓу ниеден пар, […]

The beauty of useless pleasures

Today, April 11, 2020, the song of the South Korean boy group called Block B,  “Toy”, completed the fourth anniversary since its release. It means it has been a little bit more than four years that I have been listening to Korean music. The song, that is part of the album “Blooming Period”, was one […]


79 CE, The volcano of Vesuvius erupts, stones and ashes are thrown into the air, raining on the terrified people in the cities of Herculaneum, Stabia and Pompeii. It must have seemed like the wrath of the gods for those who had to suffer in the ashes of the eruption. As Pliny the younger recounts: […]

Resettling in known territory

Traveling the world and the seven seas is definitely worth it. But then what? Do we belong to a specific place or do we not? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you would answer that question because some people are regularly or even constantly on the move either for business or personal purposes, or both. Some […]

Personal development

In an ever-faster world, with always more information, thanks to social media, always having to be happy without the keys of happiness, and all the socials rules that we should follow, it’s normal to be lost. In this context, a new practice appeared: the personal development Personal development is the notion to develop yourself, nothing […]