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Më shumë teknologji, më pak para

Është e vështirë të imagjinohet që artistët të krijojnë muzikë pa e publikuar atë në shërbimet e transmetimit. Për dëgjuesit, është një lehtësi e madhe: pa u larguar nga shtëpia, duke blerë një album të ri, ata mund të dëgjojnë artistët e tyre të preferuar me një klikim. Fatkeqësisht, jo gjithçka duket aq e lehtë, […]

More technology, less money

It is hard to imagine artists creating music without publishing it on streaming services. For listeners, it is a great convenience: without leaving home, buying a new album, they can listen to their favourite artists with one click. Unfortunately, not everything seems so easy, because as it turns out, musicians do not earn more on […]

Macedonian banks are fit and healthy!

Whether you are a Macedonian citizen or a foreigner, going to a bank is a necessary step in life. The choice of the financial institution and the reasons related to this choice both require information and knowledge. With this article, we are going to help you navigate more safely into this world. The banking sector […]

Bitcoin – Risk and Chance within Uncertain Times

Some people praise it, others shake their heads when they hear its name: Bitcoin is dividing the opinions of financial experts already for years. Recently the cryptocurrency came to the center of attention again due to a fulminant rise within a year of lockdowns and uncertain prospects.

Break up With Being Broke!

Buying an apartment. Going on a vacation. Paying college tuition. Shopping. Going to the movies. Paying the bills. All of these activities and more require you to be smart about how you handle your money. Otherwise, you will end up with empty pockets. And you don’t want that, do you? Financial literacy can help you. […]

VOICES October 2020

Hello again, Greetings from downtown Skopje! Back in 2003, the talented composer Matthew Bellamy from Cambridge wrote “Our time is running out”. For this October edition, we invite you to think of the time in its wide meaning with us and our cross-border fellowship of writers. Angela brilliantly highlights the fascinating nature of seasons: familiar […]

Support your local dreamer

Does it matter where you make your purchases, and to whom does it matter? Nowadays it’s really easy to just go and buy whatever you need from big supermarkets, or what’s becoming more and more popular, ordering from online. And why not? It’s much cheaper and more convenient to go and buy everything you need […]

Paraja… Sa lehtë mund të vijë nga një botë me mbeturina

Njëherë e një kohë, në një vend të largët të quajtur Mbretëria e Republikës së Maqedonisë jetonin 5 zana shumë ambiciozë, pozitivë dhe kuriozë… Kështuqë një ditë ata vendosën të bëjnë vizitë në konsulatën e mbretërisë të quajtur VCS (Qendra Vullnetare, Shkup) një vend kaq i vogël, por aq i mbingarkuar nga nxehtësia që prodhoi, […]