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Личен напредок; Како да го искористите вашиот потенцијал

Личниот напредок е процес преку кој поединецот ја развива самосвеста и на тој начин сфаќа каква личност сака да биде и, што е уште поважно, согледува каква личност може да постане. Самосвеста може да ви помогне да ги анализирате сопствените навики и да ги трансформирате во добри. На пример, доволното спиење, вежбањето, здравата исхрана или […]

Self-improvement; unlock your full potential

Self-improvement is a personal process where the individual begins by being self-aware. He sees who he wants to be and, most importantly, sees who he is capable of becoming. As a result of being self-aware, you can analyze your habits and transform them into good ones. For instance, getting enough sleep, training, eating healthy, or […]

VOICES April 2022

Oh, April! The month of rebirth and re-awakening – look at those trees and flowers! After a surprisingly long winter, we can enjoy the sunny and warm weather again. Can you smell the new adventures in the air? Finally, we can say bye-bye to winter coats and enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking to Vodno every weekend? […]

Calisthenics. What?!

The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). Beautiful strength. We asked Ferran Mortés McLellan what exactly does beautiful strength or calisthenics means. Ferran is part of the “Viking Method” group that gathers teenagers aged 16-20 who do calisthenics workouts every Sunday together. Consistent, passionate and ready to help. He […]

Language Research based on School Education and Innate Language Abilities

How come that so many people are not able to speak a foreign language after graduating from school? This is the most usual question so far, but no one has given a proper answer yet. Is it so hard to pick up basic linguistic knowledge? Maybe the educational program and school methods are to blame. […]

Pengesat që duhet t’i Heqim: Le të rimodeljomë aftësitë tona për kompetencë

Muaji Gusht arriti, dhe për disa nga ne pushimet e gjata dhe qetësuese po mbarojnë. Edhe nëse keni kaluar verën shtrirë në plazh me pije të ftohta afër jush, apo keni vizituar ndonjë fshat ku dita ju ka gjetur të shtrirë në lëkundësenën hijen e drurit, të gjithë ne kemi dëshirë të fillojmë sezonin e […]

Hurdles to Remove: Remodeling abilities for potency

August is here, and for some of us, the long-craved holidays are coming to an unsought end. Whether you made the most of the summer by lounging with a cold drink at the beach, or swung in a hammock on the aged trees in the countryside, we would like to start the new season with […]


Breaking the habit (Одвикнување) не е само една добра песна, туку и цел која многу од нас си ја поставуваат на почетокот на новата година. Во оваа статија ќе ве водам низ науката зад претворањето на новогодишните одлуки во реалност. После неумереностите за божиќните и новогодишните забави, многу луѓе сфаќаат дека нивниот живот и нивното […]

Breaking the Habit

Breaking the Habit is not only a great song but also a goal that many of us set ourselves at the beginning of a new year. In this article I want to walk you through the science of turning your new-year resolutions into reality. After the excesses of Christmas and New Year parties many people […]