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The King of Music

The music industry has a lot of people with success, but many don’t know what happens backstage, unique in Rap and pop, where you see the singer. Producers are responsible for every music they sign, and when you talk about music producers, the first top-of-mind name is Dr. Dre. Besides the music production, Dre is […]

The fascinating Catalan Culture

Catalunya is located in Spain. It has a population of 7.5 million people. It is rich in culture and tradition, unique food, language, and special festive days. You might have heard something about Catalan culture before, but if you haven’t, these are some examples of the most common festive traditions that you should know. Correfoc  […]


After January – the month of New Year’s resolutions – it’s time for February, the year’s shortest month. And with it another edition of our magazine! Probably most of you associate the second month of the year with the holiday of lovers. So how is it with this love? Check topic of the month! You […]

Why can’t we just listen?

We’re running, before we can walk, finishing before we’ve started and arriving at the end of things before we’ve even heard the beginning. Album song shuffling is here to stay, disrupting the musical journey, but the artists are pushing back. As a teenager growing up in 1970’s Great Britain, I listened to music on vinyl, […]

Më shumë teknologji, më pak para

Është e vështirë të imagjinohet që artistët të krijojnë muzikë pa e publikuar atë në shërbimet e transmetimit. Për dëgjuesit, është një lehtësi e madhe: pa u larguar nga shtëpia, duke blerë një album të ri, ata mund të dëgjojnë artistët e tyre të preferuar me një klikim. Fatkeqësisht, jo gjithçka duket aq e lehtë, […]

More technology, less money

It is hard to imagine artists creating music without publishing it on streaming services. For listeners, it is a great convenience: without leaving home, buying a new album, they can listen to their favourite artists with one click. Unfortunately, not everything seems so easy, because as it turns out, musicians do not earn more on […]


How time is flying! We are already in the new year of 2022. Technically speaking, it’s not one year that changes, but one day. Yet we like to use this new number as an occasion to work on ourselves: Should I go to the gym more often? This year I will eat healthily and spend […]

Why can’t you stop listening to pop music?

The name itself, indicating that pop music is most often listened to, does not doubt the audience. It is popular because many people reach for it. What makes us choose this music genre most frequently, even if we don’t want to?


Fasten your seatbelts. The end of the year is approaching fast. December is the month of joy, happiness, and an opportunity to finish what you started. It’s also a time to reflect, review our past, and make plans for the new year. Don’t dwell on the past too much, though. Grab a cup of tea […]

TikTok as a tool for artistic expression

Tik Tok – an application that is used by many people can actually change the lives of not only recipients but also the creators of content. We talked with Leo about his way from acting school, discovering himself, to being a creator on TikTok.

A musical step to save the planet

Not only limiting plastic during concerts, setting up own foundations, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, or writing songs. Musicians are taking another step to fight climate change. Recurring concerts and new album premieres show new ways of dealing with the crisis. Pixabay Writing songs whose main idea is to draw attention to the situation on our […]