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VOICES June 2021

We can all agree that time had a different way of behaving during past year, for some it might feel like years; others tell how fast it went through their eyes. What was something that us, humans, social beings found most difficult, is distance from each other. Spring brought up what we were looking for; […]

Queen of the Viola

Tuba Ozkan, associate professor at Mersin University, aka queen of the viola. She is a professor, a teacher, and a musician. The thing that makes her special is her capability of working in different environments and with different kinds of people. She can teach an 8-year-old student in the morning and the next day she […]

Прелудиум во е-мол (опус 28, број 4) – Фредерик Шопен

Септември. Почеток на новата учебна година. Час по математика. Мене ми доаѓа редот да се претставам. Која сум јас? Кога би одговорила… Кога не би морала да се справувам со судењето на другите и искрено би одговорила, би рекла дека јас сум само девојка која очајно сака да биде сакана, колку што и самата сака. […]

How I will change society: Dídac Espí Vallvé

The idea of the Didi’s project called: “Hand made Sound System” came about together with his mate, in a mental all night rave in a squat in Sant Andreu del Palomar during the summer. The aim is to create a youth movement in the city. All the same, the essence and main objectives of the […]

Traveling by train and other digressions

Traveling by train is, in my opinion, a way more interesting experience in comparison to selecting the aircraft solution. This is even more accurate for an outbound journey. Here are first a few ideas related to this topic, followed by several thoughts tackling a wider scope. First, I think traveling by train is pleasant as […]

When White Button goes abroad…

Everybody in the Balkans – and not only the Balkans – knows the band Bijelo Dugme (english: White Button) and its charismatic frontman Goran Bregović. Not everybody knows though about many cooperations abroad that Bregović have had. These cooperations resulted in multiple covers or variations of the songs of Bijelo Dugme and other of Bregović’s […]

Tingulli i heshtjes

Sot më shumë se kurrë jemi të rrethuar nga muzika dhe lloje të tjera të tingujve. Që nga dëgjimi i muzikës në ‘smartfonat’ tonë e deri tek koncertet tehno apo koncertet e thjeshta nëpër bare, veshët tonë janë të ekspozuar gjatë gjithë kohës. Edhe pse qëllimi i tyre është kënaqësia, sërish duhet marrë masa kundrejt […]

Звукот на тишината

Денес постојано сме опколени со музика и различни форми на звуци. Од музика на нашите телефони, до техно концерти или едноставни свирки во баровите, нашите уши се изложени на музика во секое време. Иако целта е забава, треба да се биде внимателен! Зошто треба да бидеме активни во слушањето? Увото: Комплициран орган! Најпрво, треба да […]

The Sound of Silence

It seems that today we are surrounded by music and sounds of any type. From listening to music on smartphone, from techno concerts to a simple concert in a bar, our ears are exposed all the time. Although intended to have fun, these actions require to take different precautions! Why should we be active in […]

VOICES December 2019

Finally we have the final month of the year and we can say GOODBYE to 2019, taking with us all good memories, learned thoughts of the experience and sharing all of them in a warm atmosphere with our friends, enjoying the beauties and relaxation effects of the essential oils. YES, the end of the year […]

YouthFest 2019: youth stories – youth power

Brain drain is not what happens after spending too much time in front of Netflix but a serious issue affecting many countries in the Balkans. Young people don’t see a perspective at home and leave in search for a better future. What is necessary to make people stay? Youth Fest, a festival in Skopje, highlighted […]