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Mama Miti – Mother of Trees

Wangari Maathai – eco-warrior, activist, Nobel Peace prize laureate. Can planting one tree really make a difference? It can, if you let it grow into a movement to preserve nature, protect forests and livelihoods of rural communities. If you plant more and more trees in the backyard of an authoritarian government, to bring about change […]

VOICES November 2019

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship VOICES. Its monthly mission: to explore strange new worlds and cultures. Logbook, November 2019. The volunteering spacecraft is being launched in Kisela Voda space station. Long for the stars with us and learn about our place in the Universe. Meet new people and dance […]

Приказната на “Најсиромавиот богаташ“

Живко Поповски – Цветин, еден од најголемите македонски уметници и воедно хуманист,ја започнал својата мисија на мирот каде што уметноста ја издигнува на пиедестал со неговиот заштитен симбол – цвеќето. Дарувајќи ги своите слики на различни настани и личности, тој ја шири својата магија и своите безвременски цвеќиња на мирот. Од каде потекнува идејата да […]

The story of “The poorest rich man”

Zhivko Popovski-Cvetin, one of the greatest Macedonian artists and humanist as well who started his mission of Peace, promoting the Art itself through his distinctive symbol-the flower. He’s donating as presents his paintings of different event to different persons, spreading his magic and his timeless flowers of the Peace. Where the concept of painting flowers […]