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Generation gap

Have you ever heard somebody say back in the day, when grass was greener and life was more simple. Well the reason behind that could be generation gap. Generation gap is differences in values, actions, opinions, morals etc. between two or more generations. Throughout all history there has […]


Superstitions are beliefs about certain things that happen that result in good or bad omens. Most countries have their own superstitious beliefs I this big and multicultural world we live in, there are certain things people do which make cultures have differences, and also a lot of similarities. […]

ACAB or not?

The force, institution of public trust or corrupted armed group under politicians’ control? Coppers, dogs, donut squad, cunt stubble, fizlove – called many names, often insulted: the Police. ­ I always wondered about the duality of policeman’s image. Kids idealize them, look up to the righteous knights of […]

An open letter to drugs

Dear Drugs, It has been a while since our last exchanges. It is rather obvious that for the past decades our relationship was quite tumultuous, to say the least. I could argue for hours and hours about the intricacies, causes and effects of my current behavior towards you. […]

Отворено писмо до дрогата

Драги наркотици, Помина извесно време од нашата последна размена. Прилично е очигледно дека во изминатите децении нашиот однос беше, во најмала рака, доста бурен. Можам да расправам со часови и часови за сложеноста, причините и ефектите на моето сегашно однесување кон вас. Некои се изјаснуваат дека треба, можеби, […]

Загадувањето на воздухот во Македонија

                    Кога започнав со мојата Европска волонтерска служба во Македонија имав добри очекувања за тоа што ќе го доживеам.Мислев дека ќе бидам во земја која е прилично различна од Естонија. Бев особено возбудена за истражување на македонската култра и […]

Air pollution in Macedonia

                    When I started my European Voluntary Service in Macedonia I had high hopes for what I would see and experience. I thought I will be in a country that’s rather different from Estonia. I was particularly excited about […]

The soul of Skopje

What makes a good city? What traits does it need to hold to become attractive? What qualities does it need to entail to charm outsider within its walls? What is it in them that fascinates us to the point of, sometimes literally, falling in love with them? As […]

Children laugh

Volunteer Centre Skopje made a decision to send me to Kumanovo for visiting another NGO organization “MultiKulti” for gaining new work experience with local children. I took a bus from the main station in Skopje at 08:30 and I was in Kumanavo at 09:15. Unfortunately, my phone died […]