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Children laugh

Volunteer Centre Skopje made a decision to send me to Kumanovo for visiting another NGO organization “MultiKulti” for gaining new work experience with local children. I took a bus from the main station in Skopje at 08:30 and I was in Kumanavo at 09:15. Unfortunately, my phone died […]

Portrait of Stoyan Christowe

          The Struggle for Equality and Human Rights for Everyone Stoyan Christowe is one of the top 5 American writers that were writing on English although English was not their mother tongue. When the president Franklin Delano Roosevelt died, on his desk was the book from this writer – […]

My plan “B”

When you speak with Macedonian people about Macedonia, they say: “We can go abroad for work, but after ashort time we are back to our homeland, because this place is the best in the world and our family is here”. After this conversation I start to think about […]

Youth Exchange – “Back to Nature”

“Back to Nature” is a youth exchange, organized by the non-governmental organization “Hang-Kép  Egyesület” from Debrecen, Hungary, which took place from 18.08.2017 to 27.08.2017 in Hortobagy, Hungary. “Volunteering Centre Skopje” participated in the youth exchange with its own team, made of 5 participants under the age of 18, […]

Montenegro and Serbia

The places that I have been in my vacation are Montenegro ‘Budva,Bar and Kotor’, Serbia ‘Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad’.  All of them has  own special things therefore I can’t  explain which one is better or can’t do any comparison. A part from night traveling I was always […]

An Interview with Edi Muka

  “WITH THE TECHNOLOGY PLENTY OF ROOM AND PLATFORM IS OFFERED TO US” Edi Muka was in Skopje for the public discussion “Investing in Art/The Culture or Possibilities for De-masking” within the program “The Perfect Artist” curated by Ivana Vaseva. He is one of the most prominent curators […]


Dreams are not just the episodes that play in your head when you sleep. Dreams can be described as the passions that we have to do greater and bigger things. Do you think Michael Jordan woke up one day and decided he will be famous the next day? […]