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Let’s heal the world with colors!  

Three years ago a teacher from Macedonia came up with an idea. He was teaching German in Vienna when a primary school student was looking out the window at the grey school walls. “Why don’t we make them more colorful”, he suggested? That’s how Gerasim Dimitrov started the art project “Let’s heal the world with colors.” He started in Vienna in 2019 and eventually implemented the project in his home country Macedonia. The first group to support his idea was the “German Teacher […]

Calmness and serenity: the charms of Chinese Traditional Painting

Have you ever heard about Chinese traditional painting? Have you had the chance to see an artwork of such a tradition? If not, doesn’t it bother or intrigue you that, studying art history at school and through our lives, we stay so far away from and so ignorant about Oriental (or indigenous, or African) forms […]

Дарот на уметноста

Само едно елегантно и нежно движење на четката успева да ги пренесе сите чувства на платно. Сета омраза и љубов, среќа и тага, секоја мисла. Игра на бои и на форми. Чувства претворени во уметност. Ниту еден збор не е потребен за да се разбере пораката на ова ремек дело. Секој тоне и се задлабочува […]

VOICES October 2020

Hello again, Greetings from downtown Skopje! Back in 2003, the talented composer Matthew Bellamy from Cambridge wrote “Our time is running out”. For this October edition, we invite you to think of the time in its wide meaning with us and our cross-border fellowship of writers. Angela brilliantly highlights the fascinating nature of seasons: familiar […]

Banksy on the Stone

Bulgaria, as much as it has become a popular travel destination in the last years, is still undiscovered land, especially for Balkan maniacs. Searching for new mysterious sides of this country, I accidentally found out about Bulgarian Banksy. You have probably heard about Banksy, the anonymous British artist who, for many years, has been leaving […]

Foreign Lands: Ali Banisadr’s world of wonder

While summer is celebrating its season again, I often feel the urge to spend most of my time outside. Sitting in a park or relaxing in the sun seems simply too tempting. Sometimes, however, when the heat just won’t fade, I break away from the fresh daylight and seek out the cooled air between closed […]

Набљудувај, набљудувај, набљудувај

Долго време изработував работлници за цртање и боење со деца. Тоа беше прекрасно искуство и имам многу добри мемории кои ми помогнаа да научам повеќе за децата. Добро се сеќавам на една случка која се случи со децата за време на првиот час за цртање. Побарав да донесат со нив овошје за часот и скоро […]

Observe, Observe, Observe

For a long time I gave children’s drawing and painting workshops. It was an incredible experience, I had many good memories and I think that I really learned more than children. I remember very well something that happened to me with almost all the children during the first drawing class. I asked them to bring […]

Приказната на “Најсиромавиот богаташ“

Живко Поповски – Цветин, еден од најголемите македонски уметници и воедно хуманист,ја започнал својата мисија на мирот каде што уметноста ја издигнува на пиедестал со неговиот заштитен симбол – цвеќето. Дарувајќи ги своите слики на различни настани и личности, тој ја шири својата магија и своите безвременски цвеќиња на мирот. Од каде потекнува идејата да […]

The story of “The poorest rich man”

Zhivko Popovski-Cvetin, one of the greatest Macedonian artists and humanist as well who started his mission of Peace, promoting the Art itself through his distinctive symbol-the flower. He’s donating as presents his paintings of different event to different persons, spreading his magic and his timeless flowers of the Peace. Where the concept of painting flowers […]