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Queen of the Viola

Tuba Ozkan, associate professor at Mersin University, aka queen of the viola. She is a professor, a teacher, and a musician. The thing that makes her special is her capability of working in different environments and with different kinds of people. She can teach an 8-year-old student in the morning and the next day she […]

Танцуваj со мене на Месечината

Танцот е начин да се создаде страст помеѓу двајца и тоа на каков уметнички начин… Кога танцувате со вашиот партнер, уште во првиот момент влегувате во свет кој се состои само од вас двајцата. И за надворешниот свет вие зборувате на непознат јазик кој е безгласен но сепак разбирлив по неговата убавина. Овој текст воглавном […]

When the Finnish team made THE impossible possible

Bratislava, Slovakia 2019, “Lions” from Finland arrived to take a part in Ice Hockey World Championships. Team with 18 new young players, who played only in Finland’s leagues, confronted countries full of NHL players having only 2 on their team. And the impossible happened; they won World Championships in a gold game against Canada 3 […]

Love filled heart in opera

Ilina Mitrevska is inspiring  17 year old young woman that is learning opera music here in Skopje. When and how did you start with opera singing? All my life I’ve had singing as a way of expressing the joy, the sadness, the excitement. I remember the first time I saw an opera, I was very […]