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Fuqia e Mirënjohjes

Mirënjohje: Cilësia e të qenit falënderues; gatishmëri për të treguar vlerësim për dhe për të kthyer mirësinë (sipas Google Dictionary). Të gjithë mund të lidhemi me ndjenjën e të qenit falënderues ose mirënjohës për diçka. Si kur merrni një dhuratë që ju pëlqen vërtet nga dikush, dhe zemra juaj hapet dhe ju merrni një buzëqeshje […]

The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness (according to Google Dictionary) We can all relate to the feeling of being thankful or grateful for something. Like when you receive a gift that you really like from someone, and your heart opens up and you get a big […]

Everyday life during the quarantine in Skopje

People as social creatures, want to go outside and interact with friends, and while this pandemic limits our possibilities, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we can make the best of our time. We are able to do all those things we couldn’t fit into our normal lifestyle. So, let me tell you about a […]

Personal development

In an ever-faster world, with always more information, thanks to social media, always having to be happy without the keys of happiness, and all the socials rules that we should follow, it’s normal to be lost. In this context, a new practice appeared: the personal development Personal development is the notion to develop yourself, nothing […]

Life at home in Germany

Quietude I am sitting on a bench under a blossoming linden tree. When I close my eyes and listen I can hear the birds sing, the wind rustles in the trees. Quiet murmurs of a little river. Perhaps two, a maximum of three people talking as they walk past the bench I am sitting on. […]