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VOICES April 2020

We are living extraordinary times. The whole world has stopped and isolated itself and suddenly we all have a lot of time to spend with ourselves. Being apart from our loved ones is hard but at the same time this weird situation gives us an opportunity to get to stop and think our own lives, […]

Sun is on my side

Believe it or not, but every time I will look into the face of the sun, from any place in this world, I will think of Macedonia. Sun was always on my side in here, giving me energy and leading me to do amazing. As well as the people, who are the soul and the […]

International volunteers day

On 5th of December 2019 we celebrated International Volunteers Day. The day was full of actions as it consisted of 3 different events: Trash Hunting, panel Discussion and Open Stage. The main motto of the day was ‘’Volunteer for Earth’’. As volunteers, we came up with an initiative to do something good for the environment […]

Што можеше да биде? Mодерниот архипелаг на испуштени средби

Вчера, запознав странец во автобусот. Помеѓу многумината на коишто моето тело и животен пат им пријде, ги oпкружувале, но на крајот не се сретнале, постои и овој млад дечко. Тој носеше и не многу дискретен, но многу елегантна маица со силна боја на сенф (или окер маица?), оригинални очила украсени со неговото добро издефинирано лице […]

What would have been? The modern archipelago of missed encounters

Yesterday, I met a stranger on the bus. Among many whom my body and life path approached, surrounded, but finally didn’t cross, there was this young man. He was wearing a not very discreet, but strongly elegant mustard shirt, original glasses that adorned his well defined face of sharp traces. Neatly trimmed hair, pleasantly carefree […]

You are the boss of your own feelings

Have you ever felt so many emotions that it’s too much for your brain? Have you ever dreamt to turn it off? Sometimes, it is so intense, you don’t know anymore how to understand them or how you could express. The word emotion comes from Latin “motio” which means “movement” and e- which mean “that […]