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Come to me

I greet you!
With high hope and trust
I meet you
With love for your number
And with concern for what
may (not) come

За да ја спасиме планетава ни треба чудо или наука?

За да ја спасиме планетава ни треба чудо или наука? Љубов или омраза? Рециклирање на домот или на душата? Празни саркастични коментари или утешни зборови? Бес или надеж? Суд или прифаќање? Празни воздишки од револт или прегратки кои затоплуваат? Форсирани книги или желба за промена? Свеж планински воздух или бучни градови со празни улици? Војна […]

Strawberry Stem

I feel strangely detached today, As if my sensations where those of someone else, describing it to me through imperfect metaphors. I eat a strawberry and want to enjoy the flavor, But just a second later, the taste has already faded away into oblivion. Remaining is just the fact, that I am sure of having […]


The ultimate Portugal story Airports… Those with mirroring glass, As my reflection ghostly pass Quickly through the moving stairs… Ready to go, all the way, In that sunny ocean state, All over again To celebrate my day! CANDLES… Not numbers, Set on my cake instead… CANDLES make me happy While burning flames Create a dance […]

Perception of time

How life is sometimes running and sometimes crawling, depending on what we do with it. Days filled with Life and Events are gone in the duration of a moment. Days filled with boredom and burdens, drift around without end. Like a summer nights dream, the easy days. Like waiting for death, the heavy days. Yet […]