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Voices August 2020

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Sir Winston Churchill So here we are, once again in the process of publishing a brand new Voices! This month, our fellowship of writers has strived to enjoyably offer you both insightful and diversified content. Noises might be quite […]

Voices June 2020

“The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it’s open.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama Have you ever experience time travel? The last months have marked quite a shift in our daily life. Now that the worldwide situation is progressively evolving, we propose you to harness a couple of essential elements: curiosity […]

VOICES May 2020

Home is strongly connected with safety and peace. Either you will call a home your family house, your favourite place that got your heart from the beginning, your country or the whole world. There are many definitions. But it should always mean that at home you’re safe and peaceful. Everyday now you probably hear the […]

VOICES April 2020

We are living extraordinary times. The whole world has stopped and isolated itself and suddenly we all have a lot of time to spend with ourselves. Being apart from our loved ones is hard but at the same time this weird situation gives us an opportunity to get to stop and think our own lives, […]

VOICES March 2020

As the spring gets closer, this edition of VOICES is bursting with topics full of light, love and questions. The topic of the month will take you deep into the world of tattoos, maybe so deep that you’ll end up taking one on your own skin! And one of the most essential things in life, […]

A Tree without roots

How does it feel to be a tree without roots? Freed from the iron grip of the soil Ready to go wherever it calls you To grow wherever you want. But without soil a tree is rootless and aimless, Where to grow to, where to go, with the roots in the air? No direction without […]

VOICES February 2020

Even though the weather lately doesn’t really seem like it, we’re in the middle of winter! These days, the thermometer shows up to 13 degrees but the nights are still long, dark and cold. So what would be better during this season than enjoying the warmth of some nice company. Maybe some good friend(s)? The […]

VOICES December 2019

Finally we have the final month of the year and we can say GOODBYE to 2019, taking with us all good memories, learned thoughts of the experience and sharing all of them in a warm atmosphere with our friends, enjoying the beauties and relaxation effects of the essential oils. YES, the end of the year […]

Интервју со поетската група „Заеднички шепотења“

Можеби најактивна група на поети кои организираат поетски читања во државава е групата „Заеднички шепотења“. Нивните активности докажуваат дека со упорност вистинскиот квалитет може да исплива на виделина. Не се ограничени на учесници од нашата држава и со возраст, но очигледно е дека бројот на млади учесници им расте. Долгогодишните известија од различните тела на […]