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Raising Radio Reaction: Тренинг курс во Ловеч – Бугарија

Од 29.08 до 07.09 се одржа тренинг курс во Ловеч – Бугарија со работен наслов “R.R.R. – Raising Radio Reaction” организиран од Get on board. Главните цели на проектот беа учесниците да се стекнат со вештини потребни за да се започне и управува со сопствен буџет веб-радио преку методи на неформално образование. Покрај нас двајца, […]

VOICES October 2019

Once upon a time was October 2019 in this Sun Country. The tradition of this country was grandparents taking care of their grandchildren and parents working and earning money. One of the grandparents’ task was storytelling. In this edition, we have stories for our children. We will tell them about the precious moment of enjoying […]

VCS ON AIR : meeting City Radio

For an afternoon, the VCS crew became radio pundits. Discover what happened in this blog report.

Volunteers in Prilep

The journey started with a 7am alarm clock wake up. We then headed to the station to board the bus to the town with the monkey story behind it known as Prilep. Once we got there we met up with the Italian EVS volunteers who are based there and they were so kind as to […]