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Убавината на годишните времиња

Во разни делови од светот се среќаваат четири годишни времиња; секое од нив се одликува со посебни карактеристики и пејзажи, со бои и климатските тенденции. Тоа се: пролетта, летото, есента и зимата. Ние во Европа ги среќаваме сите нив во различни периоди од годината но не сите земји имаат годишни времиња. Зошто тие се среќаваат […]

The beauty of seasons

Many parts of the world have four seasons, each one with its special characteristics and landscapes, with colors and patterns of weather. I am talking about spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In Europe, we have all of them in different periods of the year but not all countries have seasons. Why we have seasons? NASA […]

VOICES October 2020

Hello again, Greetings from downtown Skopje! Back in 2003, the talented composer Matthew Bellamy from Cambridge wrote “Our time is running out”. For this October edition, we invite you to think of the time in its wide meaning with us and our cross-border fellowship of writers. Angela brilliantly highlights the fascinating nature of seasons: familiar […]