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Starships are meant to fly

Space tourism has been existing since the 2000s with several missions organized by Virginia-based company Space Adventures reaching the International Space Station on Russian Soyuz spacecraft. However, times are changing as private companies are increasingly becoming part of this lucrative business, which creates opportunities that are beyond imagination. On the 2nd of June 2021, Houston-based […]

A mund të ketë jetë në planetin Venerë?

Miliarda vite më parë, Venera mendohet se ka pasur kushte të ngjajshme si Toka, siç ka pasur dhe ujë. Mirëpo me kalimin e kohës uji avulloi në atmosferë dhe efekti serrë ose i ashtuquajtur ‘greenhouse’ u rrit, kështu planeti u bë tmerrësisht i nxehtë dhe acidik. Ky planet rrotullohet rreth diellit pak më afër se […]

500°C and acid rain – can there be life on Venus?

Venus, milliards of years ago, probably had similar conditions like Earth and there was water. However, over time, the water evaporated into the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect intensified, and the planet became wildly hot and acidic. It revolves around the sun a bit closer than Earth, and it has a dense atmosphere which consists […]

VOICES November 2020

Don’t you think happiness should be found on every leaf of the Tree of life? Our team recently grew up, as we happilly welcomed new volunteers along with their enthusiasm and refreshing writing talents. Are you up for traveling the world and the seven seas? We will make you travel far away, to beautifully diverse […]

Why Earth? Because of you

We have heard a lot of stories and theories about Earth. Some voices say Earth is a special place, unique in the whole galaxy, other voices instead say that it could be like any other planet. We are different, that’s why we have our own opinion about what Earth means for us. For me, it […]

“Change the world and help humanity” – Elon Musk

Space, the final frontier. Last month there was a historical event, the first human orbital spaceflight launched by a private company. Exciting moments as NASA and SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule with two U.S. astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, in a history-making flight to the International Space Station. On Saturday […]

Главата во ѕвездите

На 8 октомври 2019 година беше одржана церемонијата за една од најпознатите и најпрестижните награди во светот: Нобеловата награда за физика. Ова награда, за физичарите, ја означува кулминацијата на еден цел живот посветен на истражување и работа. Оваа година, тројцата победници се тројца истражувачи кои ја посветиле својата работа на вселената, на универзумот. Како човештвото […]

The head in the stars

On October 8th, 2019, there was the award ceremony for one of the most famous and prestigious prizes in the world: the Nobel Prize for physics. This prize represents, for the physicists, the culmination of an entire life of research and work. This year, the three winners are three researchers who dedicated their work to […]

Science Corner

Use of cannabis as a teenager is associated with poorer memory and reasoning Patricia Conrad from Montreal University was leading a study about the effects of cannabis for teenagers. In puberty, those areas in brain that are most exposed to the effects of cannabis are still developing, it’s effecting to the memory and ability to […]

VOICES November 2019

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship VOICES. Its monthly mission: to explore strange new worlds and cultures. Logbook, November 2019. The volunteering spacecraft is being launched in Kisela Voda space station. Long for the stars with us and learn about our place in the Universe. Meet new people and dance […]

The magnificent space

We all know it’s there but what is happening there? First picture of a black hole 10.04.2019 was a historical day for scientist all over the world, and for the humankind. In the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55 million light-years away there is super massive black hole with mass of 6.5 billion sun. […]