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10 (Un)known Sports

For some people, certain sports were too overrated and/or expensive, and they decided to create/practice some sports outside the box; others bring to live traditional sports of their own countries and want to share with the rest of the world. Toe Wrestling Country/Place of Origin: UK  Small explanation: Very similar to arm wrestling, in this sport, players […]


Hello everyone, in the women’s month and spring. Warm days are coming! This month is extraordinary for women, especially March 8, when we celebrate their day, and we should say a special “thank you” for all the female achievements in society. Also, let’s not forget about the fight for gender equality. In the month’s topic, […]

What’s the deal with football? – Trying to understand global phenomena 

I am not a football fan, and I have never been. But one of my clearest childhood memories is the World Cup half-final from 2014. Do you remember? The German National Team defeated Brazil in its very own country with 7:1 in front of the world’s eyes. The fact that the simple number “7:1” still […]


November is the month of gratitude, and though it is rough this year, it is a reminder that we must reflect, be mindful and grateful for what we have already achieved, while setting goals and aiming higher and higher. And so did Tomasz Sobania, a 23-year-old guy, who ran the equivalent of a marathon every […]

The XXXII Olympic Games are ahead of us. What is their beginning?

“So, I raise a chalice for an Olympic idea which, like a ray of a powerful sun, broke through the mists of the ages and returns to throw the glow of joyful hope on the threshold of the twentieth century.” – these are words spoken over a hundred years ago by Pierre de Coubertin, the […]

EURO 2020: Waiting for the whistle

UEFA Euro is always a long-awaited competition, particularly this year in Macedonia. The national team qualified for the first time in its history for this championship. But how did people in Macedonia prepare for this event? This is what we tried to find out. Sports Europe is counting the last days before starting the European […]

Me pak motivim dhe shumë diciplinë për ndjesi të mirë dhe shëndet të plotë

A e dini se ekziston aktivitet i cili ndihmon në shëndetin tuaj të përgjithshëm? Aktivitet që përmirëson format e juaja fizike, rrit imunitetin dhe ndihmon në shëndetin mental. Ky aktivitet mund të jetë i çfarëdo lloji, mjafton që t’ju falë kënaqësi gjatë praktikimit, ku në të njëjtën kohë kërkon pak mund, harxhon shumë kalori dhe […]

Со малку мотивација и многу дисциплина до убаво чувство и добро здравје

Знаете ли дека постои активност што помага на вашето целокупно општо здравје? Ја подобрува вашата физичка форма, го подигнува имунитетот и го подобрува менталното здравје. Таа активност може да е штобило, што вам ви претставува задоволство да го практикувате, а одзема малку физички напор, троши многу калории и ги подобрува сите ваши способности. И на […]

Geocaching – Enjoy the thrill of a treasure hunt whilst getting a breath of fresh air!

Have you heard of the free international treasure hunting game called geocaching? Geocaching is a worldwide hobby in which participants search the real world for hidden containers called geocaches. Containers include a logbook where the finder will sign their nickname and after that they are eligible to log the find online on their account. Geocaches […]

Полски орли набрзо ќе летаат под Македонското сонце

Иако сум во Македонија и многу ми се допаѓа, јас сепак сум од Полска, па затоа сакав да напишам нешто што спојува повеќе нации и во исто време го потхранува нивното ривалство. Спорт. Било каков спорт. Но затоа што следи Полско – Македонската битка  во Европските квалификации, сега се работи за фудбал. Отсекогаш сум сакала […]

Polish eagles about to fly into Macedonian sun…

Since I’m in Macedonia and I love it, but still I’m truly Polish, I wanted to write about something that unites different nations and in the same time it gives them „food” for rivalry. Sports. Any kind. But because Polish-Macedonian battle in Euro qualifying is coming, it’s all about football now. I have always been […]