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Millions of perfect aesthetic photos are posted on Instagram every day. In gossip portals we can read about famous people, on the other hand in mass media there’s a lot of bad news and politics (sometimes they are the exact term). Does your life mean less than the life of Robert Lewandowski? Obviously no. But […]

VOICES April 2020

We are living extraordinary times. The whole world has stopped and isolated itself and suddenly we all have a lot of time to spend with ourselves. Being apart from our loved ones is hard but at the same time this weird situation gives us an opportunity to get to stop and think our own lives, […]

Losing the Cherry

Losing one’s cherry is a synonym for losing one’s virginity. It can be a nerve-racking situation to a lot of young people. There might be differences between girls and boys: how they see the situation, how they feel themselves etc. Depending on the country, there can be a big pressure from society either to lose […]

The hidden stories behind the images

Last year I had a chance to participate as a photographer in interesting project. One day when I was playing international online photography game “Gurushot”, I was contacted by Spanish guy Luis Alberto Serrano. He wished to write a short story for one of my photos. I agreed. Recently he contacted me again and gave […]


Some of the most legendary tunes of the 20th century were the mere product of coincidence. Our writer Paulina compiled some of the best ones.