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VOICES October 2019

Once upon a time was October 2019 in this Sun Country. The tradition of this country was grandparents taking care of their grandchildren and parents working and earning money. One of the grandparents’ task was storytelling. In this edition, we have stories for our children. We will tell them about the precious moment of enjoying […]

Desert Man

One day I was going to the metro and saw a man standing on the pass way, selling snacks. When I walked the same pass way at 12 AM, he was still there, about to pack his stuff. I looked at his face and saw no tiredness (at least it wasn’t visible). I saw a […]

Storytelling, a youth exchange in Barcelona

One of the greatest gift you can give people, is give them your time. This is a mindset I personally live by, and it inspired me to do more. When I was in high school, I got to know more about the volunteering opportunities, organizations in Skopje had to offer. I engaged in many activities […]