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The greatest threat to youth – radicalization

“Preventing the conflicts of tomorrow means changing the mindset of youth today.”- Graça Machel While most of us are familiar with the concept of radicalization, it is often difficult to define it. We also narrow down its meaning to a specific group, e.g., terrorist or religious groups, which does not reflect the phenomenon’s complexity. What […]

Another step in the development of future facilitators!

Diversity & anti-discrimination was the main topic of the “PeerAct” training course in Struga. Youth in the partnership countries still discriminate and show intolerance towards their peers (based on religion, gender, ethnicity, race, disability, or sexual orientation or simply not fitting the social norms). This situation is not compatible with EU values, and a solution […]

The first part of an unforgettable experience. Shake a leg, together!

Young people from five different countries met in one place to jointly try to change their approach to a healthy lifestyle, and then make changes in their local community. After a few days spent in a charming place, they left full of new knowledge and optimism to actually introduce a real change.  The training course Shake […]

CUTE more than ever!

The endless lake, golden sand, restless sun, and young power! Between the 10th and 18th of August 2021, Volunteers Centre Skopje hosted Youth Exchange “CUTE: Cooperate Understand Tolerate Empower” in Struga, Macedonia. The project was organized by VCS’s partner from Hungary: Hang-Kép Kulturalis Egyesület and funded by the Erasmus+ program.


“There are no rewards or punishments in nature: there are consequences.” – Robert Green Ingersoll A new edition of Voices is waiting for you, which introduces us to the new month – September. It is a breakthrough time of the year, not only for people but also for nature. In September, there is an autumn […]

Creative Writing as a tool for Community Change

With the training course ‘Creative Writing as Tool for Community Change’, we aim to increase competencies of youth workers and educators to explore ways of using creative writing as tool of addressing community issues and challenges and moreover as a tool giving an opportunity to the members of the community to express their concerns, ideas […]

Kurs trajnimi “Creative writing as a tool for community change”

Kurs trajnimi “Creative writing as a tool for community change” Strugë, Maqedoni 09.12.2019 – 17.12.2019 Çdo rrugë të çon në Strugë Një konstelacion kulturash vizitoi Strugën dhe për një javë e ngrohu qytetin e ftohtë, të mjegullt dhe me shi. Nuk ishte sezoni i zakonshëm kur une vi në kërkim për freski i nxitur nga […]

Empower vulnerable youth, empower yourself

Life-changing, inspirational, open minding, amazing, valuable – these are just few words that participants used to describe their impressions about Training Course “Empower Vulnerable Youth: Theater, Creative Writing and Emotions in Focus”. Training Course was held in Struga between 15th – 23rd October and was organized by Belgium partner Art of Box together with Volunteers Centre […]

Komunikimi – forca lëvizëse e përparimit shoqëror

Njeriu që nga fillimi i ekzistencës së tij ka pas nevojë për të gjetur një mënyrë të mirëkuptimit të ndërsjellë me bashkëatdhetarët e tij në mënyrë që të plotësonte më lehtë nevojat e tij ekzistenciale. Nevoja për plotësimin e nevojave më lehtë dhe në kohë për jetë, e kanë çuar njeriun deri në pikën e […]

Комуникацијата двигател на општествениот прогрес

Човекот од самиот почеток на своето битисување имал потреба од изнаоѓање на начин за заедничко разбирање со своите сожители со цел полесно да ги задоволува своите егзистенцијалн и потреби . Потребата за полесно и навремно задоволување на неопходните потреби за живот го довеле човекот до степен на евалуациски развој во кој се артикулираат гласови, извици […]

DRIMON Festival 2018 – Culture Now!

Two days of DrimOn Festival are already behind us. Citizens of Struga, as well as guests have a chance to participate in various cultural activities which main goal is raise awareness about culture as a very important sphere in our communities. Its something that should connect people and help them understand each other. Me and […]