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Life at home of VCS family

Starting a new thread “Life at Home” in our Voices magazine, we are reaching few members of our VCS family to ask them about their thoughts and impressions. Finnish, Polish, French and Turkish living in sunny Macedonia… Summer surprised us, especially me from Finland, as I consider 20 degrees plus to be a summer already. […]

Sun is on my side

Believe it or not, but every time I will look into the face of the sun, from any place in this world, I will think of Macedonia. Sun was always on my side in here, giving me energy and leading me to do amazing. As well as the people, who are the soul and the […]

The magnificent space

We all know it’s there but what is happening there? First picture of a black hole 10.04.2019 was a historical day for scientist all over the world, and for the humankind. In the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55 million light-years away there is super massive black hole with mass of 6.5 billion sun. […]