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How I will change society: Lidia Fernandes Rodriguez

Lidia is a 27 years old girl from Spain. Currently she works as a social integrator and studies social work. She is also educated and have experience in the health sector. Lidia always wanted to work in sectors in direct contact with people, accompanied with a significant emotional burden. She has gone looking for different […]

“Somehow They all Want to do Something Secure” – Interview with Marjan Nećak

Marjan Nećak is one of the rare local artists that has experience equally in music and theater. His last performance, as a director was a Slovenian-Macedonian co-production. On this occasion I met with him during the latest edition of the Youth Open Theatre Festival in Skopje. He gave me that impression of a somewhat regional […]

Once Upon a Festival…

…about the Youth Open Theatre Festival My first remembrances of this festival originate from the days I had in Yugoslavia. Then I was in high-school. But even when I was in primary school I decided I wanted to be an artist in films and theater. At that time there was no Internet. The distribution of […]

VOICES October 2019

Once upon a time was October 2019 in this Sun Country. The tradition of this country was grandparents taking care of their grandchildren and parents working and earning money. One of the grandparents’ task was storytelling. In this edition, we have stories for our children. We will tell them about the precious moment of enjoying […]

Giants Saga

Driven by the desire to promote theatre, it was in 1979 that Jean-Luc COURCOULT created a street theatre company called Royal Deluxe in Aix en Provence. His idea was to go into direct contact with the spectators without them having to lock themselves in a theatre. Then came the idea of telling a story to […]

All the world’s a stage

You have different types of theaters but I am going to tell you about improvisation theater that I do in Belgium because I do this myself and it is my hobby and passion. In this kind of theater you do not need any costumes, no make-up, no special lighting and no stage. You can play […]

Skopje enchanted by Shadows : A new theatre in Debar Maalo

Summer is a true season of awakening. Different kinds of music festival sprout all summer-round (for more on this read Paulina’s article in VOICES June edition), new artsy initiatives take place, from vintage clothing, artistic and cultural exchanges to exhibitions’ crawl. This summer, the alternative scene in Skopje is gaining a resurgence of fresh blood […]


Teatri i kukullave nuk është vetëm komedi. Kur shkruhet në mënyrë dramatike, shëndrohet në paradigmë artistike e cila mund të ngritë vetëdijen. Në Turqi, kur përmendet teatri i kukullave, gjëja e parë që të kujtohet janë „Karagjozi dhe Haxhivati“- karaktere lojrash të hijeve. Sipas opinionit të përgjithshëm, shenjat nga kjo teknikë turke të paraqitjes së […]


Puppet theater isn’t just for comedy. When written in a dramatic way, it becomes an artistic paradigm that raises awareness. In Turkey, when someone says puppet theatre, “Karagöz and Hacivat” is the first thing that comes  to mind. The latter are  the characters of a shadow play. According to a general opinion, the Turkish shadow […]

Laughter in theatre

It is undeniable that theatre is gifted with a peculiar— and to many — charming, atmosphere. Of the Seven Arts, it might very well be the most startling one. The night is young, the crowd is chattering, the mood is light. Lights are still bright, shining on the bright red carpet or reflecting on the […]