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TikTok as a tool for artistic expression

Tik Tok – an application that is used by many people can actually change the lives of not only recipients but also the creators of content. We talked with Leo about his way from acting school, discovering himself, to being a creator on TikTok.

15 sekonda famë – Si TikTok po ndryshon internetin

Në ditët e sotme, ju ose jeni një tifoz i TikTok, ose një kritik ose i hutuar nga zhurma. TikTok është aplikacioni më i popullarizuar në planet tani. Klipet e shkurtra prej 15 deri 60 sekondash mund t’ju kthejnë në një sensacion në internet në vetëm një natë. Videot e sinkronizimit të buzëve, rutinat e […]

15 Seconds of Fame – How TikTok is changing the Internet

Nowadays, you are either a TikTok fan, a critic or confused about the hype. TikTok is the most popular app on the planet right now. The short 15 to 60 second clips can turn you into an Internet sensation in only one night. Lip-syncing videos, one-act dance routines, 1-min recipes and challenges. Let’s try to […]

VOICES July 2021

The temperature has considerably increased in Macedonia, and our daily lives are being replaced by visions of a dip in the sea or the swimming pool or a breath of air in the mountains. However, here in VCS, we are still working hard for you! Little by little, music events are being allowed, and we […]