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Why can’t you stop listening to pop music?

The name itself, indicating that pop music is most often listened to, does not doubt the audience. It is popular because many people reach for it. What makes us choose this music genre most frequently, even if we don’t want to?


Самоуништување или пак казнување на своето его поради туѓите грешки. Цената на гревовите кои се нанесуваат врз тебе, ја плаќаш со сопствените солзи. Секој ден се повеќе и повеќе плаќаш за секој еден човек, кој решил да го упропасти твојот живот, бидејќи неговиот веќе и го нема. Молчиш и чекаш судбината да постави некои нови […]

Perception of time

How life is sometimes running and sometimes crawling, depending on what we do with it. Days filled with Life and Events are gone in the duration of a moment. Days filled with boredom and burdens, drift around without end. Like a summer nights dream, the easy days. Like waiting for death, the heavy days. Yet […]

The art and craft of decision-making

We make decisions from the moment we wake up until the moment we let ourselves turn off for the night. What we eat for breakfast, if we cycle or take the bus to work, which yogurt to buy in the supermarket. If we move cities this year or not, which university to study in, whether […]