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Boom of Korean Culture

There is more to Korean culture than ‘Gangnam Style’.

Успехот бара многу одрекувања

Да почнеме со најсвежата тема: Ракометното европско првенство во Хрватска и настапот на македонската репрезентација. Имавме одличен старт, а завршивме 11, зошто повторно не успеавме да се вмешаме во битката за висок пласман? Наумче: Да, стартот беше одличен, но вториот дел во Варажник го одигравме многу поразлично и послабо од оној во Загреб. Според моето […]

Success requires sacrifice

  Let’s start with the hottest topic: Handball European Championship in Croatia and the performance of Macedonian national team. We had a great start and we finished 11th, why we did not manage to make it to the finals? Naumche Mojsovski: Yes, we had a good beginning, in the second round which took place in […]

Love without borders

Their story might be the script for romantic movie but it’s even better because it’s real. Her name is Lenedge. His name is Jani. She is from Republic of South Africa. He is from Macedonia. Already sounds interesting? Read further… They met for the first time on 29th January 2013 on the cruise ship where […]


Целиот свет ја знае приказната за Нора Додевска, која ја запознала нејзината љубов на македонско-српската граница, кога била бегалец од Ирак а тој полицаец. Овој начин на љубов започна многу брзо и секој би сакал да ја следи таа приказна. По речиси две години животот на Нора се промени за 360 степени. Минатите ситуации речиси […]


The whole world knows the story about Noora Dodevska, who met her love on the Macedonian-Serbian border, when she was a refugee from Iraq and he was a policeman. This way of love started very fast and everyone would like to follow that story. After almost two years Nora’s life changed for 360 degrees. Past […]

Луди за салса

Сѐ додека вие се прашувате, луѓето се среќни да танцуваат. Кога танчерите ќе се соживеат со танцот, тоа е сензуално на подиумот.Сабота вечер во Скопје, ние сме во клуб и местото е полно. Сите изгледаат добро облечени и добро расположени. Многу луѓе се насмеани, занишани. Само гледајќи ги како танцуваат, можеме да чувствуваме добра атмосфера […]

Crazy about salsa

It’s Saturday night in Skopje, we are in a club and the place is full. Everybody is looking well dressed and good. Lot a people are smiling, swinging and twirling. Just watching them dancing, we can feel a good vibe and energy everywhere. But it’s not a club like any other, it’s a latino club! […]

Refuge now – always a man

Until the closure of the “Balkan Route” in March 2016, several thousand exhausted, exhausted, starving and frozen people from the war-torn states entered Greece daily in Macedonia. Ljubinka Brasnarska and Christian Mihajlovski from UNHCR, tell their experiences “In my memory, I will always have a scene when a father with two underage children tried to […]

Road trip Albania-Greece

Me and my French friend Juliette, who is also volunteering in VCS, decided to make a road trip around South Albania and Greece to discover this wonderful part of Europe. We chose to make 6 stops during this journey, 2 in Albania and 4 in Greece, let me show you our trip 😉 Albania ! […]

JUMP! DANCE! D Festival 2017 in Dojran!

In the middle of July a lot of young people from whole Macedonia participated in one of the biggest open air  festival in Macedonia „D Festival” on Dojran Lake . Our organization Volunteers Centre Skopje too joined for this amazing event.   We prepare for youth a lot of activity and board games, we promoted […]