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Love me or pour me a wine

14th of February. The whole world is being decorated with hearts and cupids and everybody is talking about love. Well, almost the whole world. At the Balkans people are cutting grapevines and drinking wine. The day of love? The day of wine? Saint Valentine or Saint Tryphon? Both of them, Saint Valentine and Saint Tryphon, […]

The Traditional Woodcarving in Northern Macedonia. Centuries Old Tradition – West Meeting East

When I was a child, each time I saw some of these carvings I was stunned – how can a human hand create this? One of these carvers explained this on a TV transmitting – it can but you have to be very careful, with one wrong move you can destroy the work of one […]

Single in Shanghai

Single and ready to mingle? In Shanghai, China, they take this concept to a whole other level. Most of us seem to shutter at the thought of having our parents’ influence over our love life. In Western cultures, we try to find the right partner through websites, apps and dating. Many Shanghainese, however, do things […]