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Traveling by train and other digressions

Traveling by train is, in my opinion, a way more interesting experience in comparison to selecting the aircraft solution. This is even more accurate for an outbound journey. Here are first a few ideas related to this topic, followed by several thoughts tackling a wider scope. First, I think traveling by train is pleasant as […]

Resettling in known territory

Traveling the world and the seven seas is definitely worth it. But then what? Do we belong to a specific place or do we not? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you would answer that question because some people are regularly or even constantly on the move either for business or personal purposes, or both. Some […]

Traveling ‘solo’ on the Caribbean islands

One of my best adventurous experiences was deciding to go alone on the islands where the salsa originated. I must confess that before my trip I didn’t have time to check any tips or experiences from the previous travelers around these islands. But that actually at the end was feasible because you will receive most when you will expect least. […]

Hitchhiking: a taste of adventure, freedom and friendly time

Hitchhiking for traveling? No way, that’s what I thought before to experiment it. For a lot of people, hitchhiking sounds like something negative, something which can be dangerous, especially when you are alone and even more when you are a girl. Hitchhiking is a question of feeling. When the driver stops, there is this moment […]