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The Great Green Wall

A great wall – not to separate people, to unite them. The great green wall is an ambitious project launched by the African Union, bringing together more than 20 African countries to stop the effects of desertification near the Sahara Desert and to restore the degraded land. The aim is to finish the project and […]

Mama Miti – Mother of Trees

Wangari Maathai – eco-warrior, activist, Nobel Peace prize laureate. Can planting one tree really make a difference? It can, if you let it grow into a movement to preserve nature, protect forests and livelihoods of rural communities. If you plant more and more trees in the backyard of an authoritarian government, to bring about change […]

Како ќе го променам општеството: Марија Ристова

Ајде да ја подигнеме свеста за околината Марија Ристова е средношколка од Кавадарци, која сака да бидат слушнати нејзиниот глас и активностите што ги презема за подигнување на свеста за чистата околина. Таа подготвува проект за грижа за природата и чистата околина во родниот град, кој треба да резултира со пошумување на дрвја. Марија е […]

How I will change society: Marija Ristova

Let’s raise awareness about environment Marija Ristova from Kavadarci is studying in a high school, but her aim is to make her voice and actions about raising awareness to be heard. She is making a project about caring for environment in her native town, hoping that can change things for better. Marija was selected for […]

A Tree without roots

How does it feel to be a tree without roots? Freed from the iron grip of the soil Ready to go wherever it calls you To grow wherever you want. But without soil a tree is rootless and aimless, Where to grow to, where to go, with the roots in the air? No direction without […]

Science Corner

Use of cannabis as a teenager is associated with poorer memory and reasoning Patricia Conrad from Montreal University was leading a study about the effects of cannabis for teenagers. In puberty, those areas in brain that are most exposed to the effects of cannabis are still developing, it’s effecting to the memory and ability to […]