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Life at home of VCS family

Starting a new thread “Life at Home” in our Voices magazine, we are reaching few members of our VCS family to ask them about their thoughts and impressions. Finnish, Polish, French and Turkish living in sunny Macedonia… Summer surprised us, especially me from Finland, as I consider 20 degrees plus to be a summer already. […]

VOICES April 2020

We are living extraordinary times. The whole world has stopped and isolated itself and suddenly we all have a lot of time to spend with ourselves. Being apart from our loved ones is hard but at the same time this weird situation gives us an opportunity to get to stop and think our own lives, […]

Добредојде Догукан – нашиот нов волонтер од Турција!

Merhaba! Јас сум Догукан, имам 23 години и доаѓам од Турција. Живеам во Кападокија (воздушни балони, оџаци од бајките…). Студирам на Универзитетот „Невшехир“ и имам уште еден семестар до дипломирање. Уште на првата година од студиите сфатив дека луѓето можат да прават луди нешта само поради младоста или само заради тоа што се млади. Па, […]

Welcome Dogukan, the new volunteer from Turkey!

Merhaba! I’m Doğukan, 23, from Turkey. I live in Cappadocia (air balloons, fairy chimneys…) in Turkey. I study primary school teaching at Nevsehir University and I have 1 semester to graduation. I realized in my first year at university that people can do crazy things just his/her youth. So, I leave my comfort zone and […]

Пловејќи покрај волшебните брегови на Анталија

Многу често луѓето велат дека нашите животни приказни претставуваат испишана книга. Пишувајќи ја својата книга, секој од нас го прави позначаjно и посебнo своето патешествие наречено живот. Правејќи го секое подглавје поинтересно, ние придаваме се повеќе вредност кон секоја напишана страна. Несомнено, патувањето ја прави секоја книга побогата и повредна. Оние кои не патуваат, успеваат […]

Sailing through the dreamy coast of Antalya

It is well said that living our life, is the same as writing a book. Writing our own book is something that makes our life significant and different from the others. Making each chapter more interesting and lovable, we bring value to every single page we write. Undoubtedly, travelling makes one book even more valuable. […]

Experience in Ankara

Hi guys! It’s me, Tamara from Macedonia! It’s been already two months for me in Turkey. How time flies. The previous time that I wrote you, I had just arrived in Ankara with all the first impressions and expectations from it. And now we’ve come to the end of my EVS! To be honest, I […]

Splashing fun in the sun! – YE in Mugla, Turkey

Summer can officially start!! It was 26th of April, groups from all around the world took place in the youth exchange in Mugla (Marmaris), Turkey. The name of the project was “The time is now! Inter-cultural learning dialogue as a tool for new leaders”. Everything started with introducing each other and playing games. We were […]

Be online! Get in Anti-Discrimination NET

This week (15-23 of April) we had the privilege to take part in a youth exchange in Silivri, Turkey. Our team consisted of 6 participants who were actively involved in the project activities. Besides us there were participants from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria; 36 in total. With the help of amazing techniques of […]

Volunteering in Ankara

Selam! I am Martin Trajkovski, I am 22 years old and I am coming from Republic of North Macedonia. I just finished my Bachelor degree at Faculty of Law in Bitola (St. Climent of Ohrid University). Currently I am active volunteer and youth worker in a lot of projects in some NGO’s in North Macedonia. […]

Thanksgiving essentials

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it was celebrated on 22nd of the month and I had the opportunity to celebrate it here in Budapest. The history of Thanksgiving is rather debatable, so I will focus on the aspect of having a delicious dinner with my friends. Having a […]