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Together Stronger

In these days of uncertainty and ordeals, I do think the paradigm “United we stand, divided we fall” is firmly convincing. As an illustration, the solutions impulsed by border-regions decision-makers are tellingly evocative. Baden-Württemberg, through its Minister-President Mr.Kretschmann, followed by two other German Bundesländer (Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate), three Swiss cantons, and Luxembourg, announced its decision […]

Fuqia për të qenë i dobishëm

Eshtë slogani i ri i Shërbimit Civil, programi francez i vullnetarizmit. Duket si programi EVS, dhe është për shtetasit francezë mes 16 dhe 25 vjeç. Ata angazhohen për komunitetin dhe interesin e përgjithshëm të një misioni në Francë ose jashtë saj. Për shembull, vullnetarët tanë të rinj Tanguy dhe Camille janë pjesë e këtij programi. […]

The power to be useful

It is the new slogan of the Civil Service, the French volunteering programme. It looks like the EVS programme for French people between 16 and 25 years old. They commit themselves to the community and to the general interest of a mission in France or abroad. For example, our new volunteers Tanguy and Camille are […]

Digital Inclusion for Further Use

Spending few days with people from different countries, with different cultures, was a nice experience for me. I was convinced that understanding and respect were brought to people. It was precisely our age that united us. The first few days were a little bit difficult, until we got to know each other. In the end […]