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Love in the back pocket

BASED ON TRUE STORY They met outside that cold and frosty morning, just to get some official things done. Long lasting warm hug for a welcome… Her hair over his face… Her scent of a Wild Rose… More than official… They walk along together with a perfectly synchronized steps…gliding, like not touching the ground. She […]


БАЗИРАНО НА ВИСТИНСКА ПРИКАЗНА Се сретнаа надвор тоа студено и промрзнато утро, за да завршат некои службени работи.Долготрајна топла гушка…Нејзината коса преку неговото лице…Нејзиниот мирис на ДиваРоза… Да, повеќе од службено…Чекореа заедно еден крај друг, во совршено синхронизиран чекор… лебдеа, како да не ја допирааподлогата. Таа ја покажуваше својата прекрасна насмевка, повторно и повторно, како […]

Too much of Valentine’s Day? There is a solution

Every year, when February is knocking on the door, many people start to fear and worry about what to do on that unfortunate day when love wins. Are you spending Valentine’s Day alone again, watching on social media how everyone pretends that their relationship is perfect? Instead of getting sad, gather a group of friends […]

Модерна љубов

Испотени дланки, забрзано срце и пеперутки во стомакот – скоро сите ја знаат оваа состојба. Љубов… Влегувањето во љубовна врска денес е сосема различно од времињата на нашите предци. Поразлично било и пред само 20 години. Што се има променето? Што е љубовта во време на Тиндер?


After January – the month of New Year’s resolutions – it’s time for February, the year’s shortest month. And with it another edition of our magazine! Probably most of you associate the second month of the year with the holiday of lovers. So how is it with this love? Check topic of the month! You […]

Love me or pour me a wine

14th of February. The whole world is being decorated with hearts and cupids and everybody is talking about love. Well, almost the whole world. At the Balkans people are cutting grapevines and drinking wine. The day of love? The day of wine? Saint Valentine or Saint Tryphon? Both of them, Saint Valentine and Saint Tryphon, […]

VOICES February 2020

Even though the weather lately doesn’t really seem like it, we’re in the middle of winter! These days, the thermometer shows up to 13 degrees but the nights are still long, dark and cold. So what would be better during this season than enjoying the warmth of some nice company. Maybe some good friend(s)? The […]