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Le vent se lève! … Il faut tenter de vivre!* (Le cimetière marin – Paul Valéry, 1920) Sun is shining, temperatures are rising and people are escaping to the sea : welcome to July! It’s now the time to relax, party or enjoy a good sunbath (but remember to stay hydrated!). While everyone is enjoying […]

“Would you know my name?”: The tragic story behind the song “Tears in Heaven”.

Eric Clapton was born in 1945 in Ripley, England. He is one of the most influential guitarists of all time as Rolling Stone put him 2nd in their ranking of “the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All-Time”, right after Jimi Hendrix. His music style is Blues Rock, inspired by many great legends like B.B King, Muddy […]

Agres – the best place to ride a bike! 

(Only if you ask me and no one else!) With the rainy season finally coming to an end, we can finally go outside and enjoy the beautiful nature of Agres to its fullest.  And what better way to immerse oneself in the lush, heavenly greenery than exploring it with a bike.  Now, many people might say […]

From boxing world champion to the mayor of Kiev

Being a professional sportsman is not an everyday lifestyle. Your body is your work instrument, and you cannot use it indefinitely. According to the sport’s popularity and the level at which the athlete is playing, the salary can differ. For most sports, athletes have to retire between 35 and 45, and it can be even […]

A taboo topic: Magic

What is magic? When we think about this topic, several things come to mind: Harry Potter, the wizard with his dove, evil people casting spells to make people’s lives miserable, mermaids, goblins, dragons… things that may or may not be accurate… But really, what is magic? Magic has many definitions: occult art or science with […]

Liminal spaces “A journey to the edges of reality.”

Liminal spaces are those weird, atmospheric, and sometimes-eerie places that look like the gateway to another realm. The place where you find yourself now is so vast, empty of any presence… as if everything there was set there just for you. You might feel free to do as you please or finally find serenity outside […]

Недокажани зборови

Недокажани зборови,неиспишани стихови,не сонувани сонови,неискористени мигови…Неостварени мечти,недогледни небесни зраци,незаборавни ѕвездени краци…Посакувам, се да ти кажевсите стихови на светот да ти ги подарев,сите сонови да ги споделевсите мигови да ги доживеев.Сите мечти да ги дофатевсите сончеви зраци да ги осетевсите ѕвездени краци да ги украдев.Посакувам да можевме да побегнемеод целиот универзум да заминеме,да исчезнеме во времето,да […]

Tunisian wedding

Tunisia is a wealthy country culturally because of its strategic position between the eastern world and the occidental world, represented by the European nations located very close to the country. However, some of the country’s cultural traditions have stayed until today, which gives even more charm to this country that offers so much culture and […]

Not Only Blood

The movie industry wasn’t the same after the Cannes Film Festival of ’94 when one of the best movies ever made was introduced to the public: Pulp Fiction by the best movie director of all times, Quentin Tarantino. Everyone in that premier knew that changes in the movie industry would start happening, and that movie […]

We are all equal in the fact that we are all different

Тhe young people in Radovis are happy to be living in a small and peaceful town, which also offers us opportunities to fill our free time with activities that help us learn many things and help people in need. One of those opportunities is to be part of the Red Cross Branch in Radovis. Exactly […]

Tërheqja and Përkohësia

Në thelb, asgjë nuk është e përhershme.Mendoni për këtë: çfarë është e përhershme? Mund të përpiqeni të kërkoni pa pushim, gjithmonë do të merrni të njëjtën përgjigje: asgjë. Prindërit tanë nuk do të jenë këtu përgjithmonë, partnerët tanë, qentë tanë, shtëpitë tona, makinat tona, madje edhe Toka jonë nuk është e përhershme. Çdo gjë ka […]