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Убавината не може да се брза

Пред неколку децении, немаше толку многу продавници за накит. Немаше синџири, и секој кој го изработуваше овој накит нудеше посебен дизајн. Денес, многу продавници меѓусебно се надминуваат во понуди кои не се разликуваат едни од други. Ова е една од причините зошто се повеќе и повеќе луѓе го ценат она што е единствено и направено […]

Beauty cannot be rushed

A couple of decades ago, there were not many jewelry stores. There were no jewelry chains, and each jeweler offered unique designs. Today, more stores are outdoing each other in offers that do not differ much from each other. This is one of the reasons why more and more people appreciate what is unique and […]

Gym – a versatile hobby for everyone 

Exercising in the gym is becoming more and more popular. Many people aim to be fit to improve their well-being and to shape their bodies. The gym is not an expensive hobby, and you can go to the gym at any time of the day. The gym has several health benefits, both mental and physical.  […]

Stories of Kenyan women told through photographs

Looking at photos of women from Africa, we can often conclude that the photographer’s goal is to arouse sympathy. Renata’s project is distinctive: she has decided to photograph girls as well as she can, style the sessions, and do everything to turn things that are often considered disadvantages in society and the canons of beauty […]


Longer evenings and colder nights remind us that it’s already autumn outside. For many, it is a time when energy diminishes and the mood comes for activities that do not necessarily bring such joy during the summer. Who wants to sit under the blanket watching a sad movie when you can spend this time actively […]

Предучилишна исповед

Ми доаѓаат некои мисли. Некои идеи. Од некој вид. Само што… Ова.. Не знам како да речам… Мислам знам ама.. Само што… Впрочем, само што? Ах, ти страву, ти трепет студен зимен! Те поистоветувам со ветер северен кој уништува убава летна вечер. Туку, што сакав да речам… Сакав да кажам дека толку идеи се раѓаат […]

How to start a business in Macedonia?

Starting a business is a well-spread idea among young Macedonian people, but many of them face major difficulties in developing their activity and being successful in it. How can the situation on that front be accessed, and what are the tools for young people that can help them to be more enterprising and successful? Macedonian […]

Together to achieve the goal. An interview with Borche Manevski

Being a professional takes a lot of work, but the results are always rewarding. During the SALT project, which took place in Struga, we talked to FK Pelister team captain – Borche Manevski. As it turned out, playing football had more in common with the ideas of the event than we expected.  Anna Marek: We […]

Break the Silence

KAWAII is a fashion style in Japan that spread itself through anime and manga; therefore, you can now find this type of fashion worldwide. With the popularity of this, a new style or subculture was born, YAMI KAWAII. On the first hand, it’s just like KAWAII, with a darker twist to it, but there is […]

VOICES July 2021

The temperature has considerably increased in Macedonia, and our daily lives are being replaced by visions of a dip in the sea or the swimming pool or a breath of air in the mountains. However, here in VCS, we are still working hard for you! Little by little, music events are being allowed, and we […]

VOICES March 2021

As VCS is turning 15 years old, we are celebrating all the people that were inspired to grow in that time. But let’s be more specific! What is VCS all about? For me, it’s all about change and joy through small actions. Sure, volunteers are leaving their comfort zone behind to have new beginnings in […]