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Voluntourism vs Volunteerism

Како научив за вистинското значење на тоа што е волoнтирање и што всушност значи да се биде добар волонтер? Сето тоа е благодарејќи на проектот што се оддржа во Буштени, Романија.Темата на проектот беше „Voluntourism vs Volunteerism“ и прокетот вклучуваше учесници од осум земји со кои што работевме и учевме заедно од 16 до 25 […]

Voluntourism vs Volunteerism

How did I learn about the true meaning of volunteering and what it actually means to be a good volunteer? This was all thanks to a project that was held in Busteni, Romania. The project’s topic was “Voluntourism vs Volunteerism” and included participants from eight different countries with whom we worked and learned together starting […]

Volontourism: Helping or Harming?

When I was looking for my EVS (European Voluntary Service) I considered all volunteering opportunities. If you type phrase “volunteering abroad” in Google, you will find plenty of organizations that can offer you weeks/monthly volunteering trips to exotic and developing countries. It’s getting trendier to spend summer by working with the children in need or […]