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Volunteers Centre Skopje is celebrating 15 years!

15 years ago a guy went to Lithuania…… and Volunteers Centre Skopje was born. After a one-year European Voluntary Service (EVS) project in Lithuania, a 19-year-old Nikola Stankoski returned to Macedonia full of dreams and hopes for the future of youth. And he didn’t return empty-handed. He carried a little seed with the idea of […]

Life at home of VCS family

Starting a new thread “Life at Home” in our Voices magazine, we are reaching few members of our VCS family to ask them about their thoughts and impressions. Finnish, Polish, French and Turkish living in sunny Macedonia… Summer surprised us, especially me from Finland, as I consider 20 degrees plus to be a summer already. […]

Пари, пари…. Колку слатко треба да е во светот на депониите!

Еднаш одамна, во едно далечно место, во Кралството Македонија живееа пет амбициозни, позитивни и љубопитни млади самовили. Еден ден, тие беа повикани во Советот на кралството наречено ВЦС (Волонтерски Центар Скопје) – место толку мало, но сепак, толку големо од топлината што ја произведува, љубовта што ја дава и можностите што ги обезбедува за многу, […]

Money, money – must be funny in a waste-trash world!

Once upon a time, in a faraway place called the kingdom of Macedonia there were living 5 young very ambitious, curious, positive and know it all young fairies. So, they decided to check by the consult of the kingdom called Volunteers Centre Skopje – a place so small, yet so big by the warmth it […]

Voluntourism vs Volunteerism

Како научив за вистинското значење на тоа што е волoнтирање и што всушност значи да се биде добар волонтер? Сето тоа е благодарејќи на проектот што се оддржа во Буштени, Романија.Темата на проектот беше „Voluntourism vs Volunteerism“ и прокетот вклучуваше учесници од осум земји со кои што работевме и учевме заедно од 16 до 25 […]

Voluntourism vs Volunteerism

How did I learn about the true meaning of volunteering and what it actually means to be a good volunteer? This was all thanks to a project that was held in Busteni, Romania. The project’s topic was “Voluntourism vs Volunteerism” and included participants from eight different countries with whom we worked and learned together starting […]

International volunteers day

On 5th of December 2019 we celebrated International Volunteers Day. The day was full of actions as it consisted of 3 different events: Trash Hunting, panel Discussion and Open Stage. The main motto of the day was ‘’Volunteer for Earth’’. As volunteers, we came up with an initiative to do something good for the environment […]

Neighborhood of Youth Centers in Europe

While I am writing this article I still find it hard to settle down and organize in my head all of the impressions, information and the fond memories that I have from the Study Visit in Antwerp – Belgium that was implemented within the Erasmus+ project Neighborhood of Youth Centers in Europe. During these 7 […]

Welcome Johanna — Our volunteer from Finland!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Johanna and I’m the newest Finnish addition to the volunteer team at VCS. We Finns are slowly taking over, as there are four of us here already!  After working on an Erasmus+ training in May I was introduced to the EVS and ESC programs.  I was presented by […]


Skateboard contest? Why not? When there are young creative people, a lot of love, passion, fun, and no time – nothing is impossible. This sunny saturday 23rd of March was a pretty good example for that.  Let’s start from the beginning. What can connect 2 volunteers guys from France and German? Of course, except for […]

We are cool, we are volunteers!

Volunteering is one of the most beautiful experiences that a person can experience. Being a volunteer means to act with the society without expecting a financial or material reimbursement in return. In order to raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering and to encourage young people to take initiative, a youth exchange with a duration […]