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Water is an alien

Something you face every day by washing, drinking, cooking. 60% of your body is made of it. You can swim inside of it and walk on top of it. It steams in the air and comes back to the ground as a liquid. Think about it for a minute – water is really weird. It […]

Charming lake Prespa

In the most beautiful environment, everything light blue, sun shining, happy children running around, people laying under shadows avoiding the burning sun, taking cooling breaks in the sparkling, crystal clear water. Only astounding nature wherever your eyes can see. Our small friend group went on a weekend trip to lake Prespa. Because of the unusual […]

Sauna and Finland…

When we open our eyes in the mornings, our everyday life begins from that moment on. In the olden days, the eyes of many Finns opened for the first time in the sauna. It was a place that was considered the purest place for birth, for example. Many lifetime excursions finally ended up in the […]