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The Wood Wide Web … How trees communicate

A forest is a highly complex symbiotic community made up from plants, animals, bacteria and fungi that is yet hardly understood by humans. Did you know that trees are, just like humans, very social beings? And did you know, that trees actually talk to each other? Well – they don’t really talk, like the walking […]

“Finndians” – not Indians

Many Finns moved to North America a little over a hundred years ago. There they met the Indians. Between 1860 and 1944, some 400,000 people flocked to America. Some people emigrated from Finland because of unemployment and of its policy of Russification before independence. Some, however, moved to America just for the sake of adventure. […]

The Traditional Woodcarving in Northern Macedonia. Centuries Old Tradition – West Meeting East

When I was a child, each time I saw some of these carvings I was stunned – how can a human hand create this? One of these carvers explained this on a TV transmitting – it can but you have to be very careful, with one wrong move you can destroy the work of one […]