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The orientalism of the 21st century

Minimalism. Mindfulness. Meditation. Yoga. Silence of the mind. Elements very present in the present human western moment in time. One can’t go out for a walk in the neighborhood – in a middle-sized town or a great city, in Europe or Latin America – without running into establishments offering services related to these activities. The […]

The Traditional Woodcarving in Northern Macedonia. Centuries Old Tradition – West Meeting East

When I was a child, each time I saw some of these carvings I was stunned – how can a human hand create this? One of these carvers explained this on a TV transmitting – it can but you have to be very careful, with one wrong move you can destroy the work of one […]

Lazy birthday to all busy people!

In our time and age we are constantly running. The media is telling us not to waste our time. “Time is money”, did you ever hear that phrase?  I did, and I still do. Be careful, it is not far from being engaged at work to being addicted. That’s why on 21st of July we […]