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Creative Writing as a tool for Community Change

With the training course ‘Creative Writing as Tool for Community Change’, we aim to increase competencies of youth workers and educators to explore ways of using creative writing as tool of addressing community issues and challenges and moreover as a tool giving an opportunity to the members of the community to express their concerns, ideas […]

Тренинг курс “Creative writing as a tool for community change”

Тренинг курс “Creative writing as a tool for community change” Струга, Македонија 09.12.2019-17.12.2019 Во периодот помеѓу 09.12.2019-17.12.2019 во Струга, Македонија на тренинг курсот „Креативно пишување како алатка за правење промени во заедницата“ учествуваа 27 ентузијасти за креативно пишување од 9 земји, имено, Македонија, Романија, Италија, Шпанија, Финска, Норвешка, Шведска, Данска и Англија. За време на […]

“Creative writing as a tool for community change”

Training course “Creative writing as a tool for community change” Struga, Macedonia 09.12.2019 – 17.12.2019 27 enthusiasts for creative writing from 9 different countries, namely, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, took part in the training course “Creative writing as a tool for community change” which was held in Struga, […]

Интервју со поетската група „Заеднички шепотења“

Можеби најактивна група на поети кои организираат поетски читања во државава е групата „Заеднички шепотења“. Нивните активности докажуваат дека со упорност вистинскиот квалитет може да исплива на виделина. Не се ограничени на учесници од нашата држава и со возраст, но очигледно е дека бројот на млади учесници им расте. Долгогодишните известија од различните тела на […]

VOICES May 2019

May bring us to the topics of environment and coolest trends to help the nature right now. What is exactly happening on Earth right now and what can we do? And what is happening close – but far away in space? This edition takes us to travel to Pakistan, gives us a peek to Ukraine’s […]

VOICES April 2019

With rising temperatures and spring being in full bloom we present you the colourful new April edition of Voices. How does it feel to be a foreigner? What do dragonflies eat? What is going on in the skating community in Kavadarci? How is it to live to sing in the Opera? Find the answers to […]

VOICES March 2019

What brings you the edition of Voices for March 2019? First of all, Martinka, read more about the symbolism of this tradition, we bring positive vibrations from Slovenia, we prepare for spring “Juggling” and we are saying temporarily goodbye to “Skating in Poland”. “Self-love” is the most important moment for everything stated to be realized. […]


Some of the most legendary tunes of the 20th century were the mere product of coincidence. Our writer Paulina compiled some of the best ones.