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Break up With Being Broke!

Buying an apartment. Going on a vacation. Paying college tuition. Shopping. Going to the movies. Paying the bills. All of these activities and more require you to be smart about how you handle your money. Otherwise, you will end up with empty pockets. And you don’t want that, do you? Financial literacy can help you. […]

Tender eyes to reality: the possibility of beautiful grandeurs

I am currently reading “Anna Karenina”, written by Liev Tolstoi, and one of its passages left a huge impact on me: the character Dolly was having a happy moment with her children all around her, while another character, Liévin, was walking into her direction. She was feeling especially delighted with his presence, because no one […]

Europe – a vision for every citizen.

As the EU comes together for elections of MEPs in the Europeans Parliament it is wise and important to look at the place of young people within the present and future development of the EU.   After a historic EU parliament election cycle with one of the highest turnouts since the formation of the Union […]