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Open your eyes – Erasmus Edition

What to do after finishing school? You feel it, huh? I was asking myself this question hundreds of times. There isn’t one solution. But, as I am older, I will give you guys some free advice. I was trying to suit the pattern that I HAD TO go to university after finishing high school. No […]

Burgos, Barcelona, Madrid: Spain by bus, plane, and train

Sightseeing three Spanish cities in one day during a pandemic? Done! And most of that by walking. This is how six young Macedonians spent an incredible week in Spain in late August 2021. We started our journey by flying to Madrid from Sofia. We were supposed to eventually arrive in Castrillo de la Vega for […]

CUTE more than ever!

The endless lake, golden sand, restless sun, and young power! Between the 10th and 18th of August 2021, Volunteers Centre Skopje hosted Youth Exchange “CUTE: Cooperate Understand Tolerate Empower” in Struga, Macedonia. The project was organized by VCS’s partner from Hungary: Hang-Kép Kulturalis Egyesület and funded by the Erasmus+ program.


“There are no rewards or punishments in nature: there are consequences.” – Robert Green Ingersoll A new edition of Voices is waiting for you, which introduces us to the new month – September. It is a breakthrough time of the year, not only for people but also for nature. In September, there is an autumn […]

Një qasje narrative vizive për të kundërshtuar fjalimin e urrejtjes

Udhëtimin e filluam herët nga ora 8 e mëngjesit nga qyteti ynë Gostivar në aeroportin në Shkup. Aty mbërritëm në 9:30 të mëngjesit dhe hipëm në aeroplan rreth orës 1 pasdite, patëm një vonesë 30 min, por nuk ishte keq. Ne arritëm në Itali rreth orës 4-5 pasdite dhe më pas morëm një autobus nga […]

Arrivederci beautiful Italy!

It was the end of September when we took off from the Skopje Airport to Milano Airport. All the participants were so excited because it was their first time to fly by plane; they had never flown by plane before. Fortunately, we had a smooth flight, which lasted only 2 hours. During the flight I […]

Преку игра и забаба до социјална инклузија

19-ти Септември. Во три часот наутро, се собравме сите на зборното место. Со насмевки на лицето тргнавме во една далечна, за нас непозната дестинација. Романија е државата, која ќе биде наш домаќин. Ние 10-тина, заедно со двајца лидери, тргнавме во нова авантура. Возбудени и среќни, го започнавме нашето патешествие. Прва станица ни беше главниот град […]

Make social inclusion happen

Make Social Inclusion Happen emëroheshte projekti i mundësuar nga Organizata Erasmus+ .Projekti yne ku morem ne pjesë u realizua ne Costinești,Constanța,Romani me pjesmarrje te shteteve: Maqedonia, Bulgaria, Hungaria, Romania, Sllovakia dhe Republika Çeke. Projekti kishte të bëjë me faktin që njerzit te socializohen më shumë,të komunikojne me njerëz të ndryshëm,të mësojnë për kulturat dhe traditat […]

Make Social Inclusion Happen

Make Social Inclusion Happen is the name of the project funded by Erasmus+. The project took place at the seaside town called Costinesti which is part of Constanta in Romani. Students from the following countries took part: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The project was all about people socializing more, communicating with […]

Representative of VCS in Jazak, Serbia: “Save our waters”

Six representatives of Volunteers Centre Skopje took part in youth exchange “Save Our Waters”, happening in Jazak, Serbia in a period of 6-15 September 2019. Gathering 36 young people from 6 countries (beside Macedonia, also Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Lithuania and Romania), this 10-days program improved their knowledge about the importance of water protection, […]

Storytelling, a youth exchange in Barcelona

One of the greatest gift you can give people, is give them your time. This is a mindset I personally live by, and it inspired me to do more. When I was in high school, I got to know more about the volunteering opportunities, organizations in Skopje had to offer. I engaged in many activities […]