VOICES is a trilingual monthly magazine for all young people around the world. We publish articles in English, Macedonian, and Albanian. It is a project of the Macedonian NGO Volunteers Centre Skopje.

VOICES magazine aims at providing more opportunities for young people so that they can gain experience of working in an international team, discover other countries and cultures, promote volunteerism, and learn more about writing, editing and designing a magazine, but also about non-formal education programs, and active youth involvement.

Who are we?

The volunteers working in Volunteers Centre Skopje are the key actors of this project. Coming from different European countries, they stay in Skopje between one to 12 months in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps programme of Erasmus+.

Every month, the volunteers are in charge of editing the entire magazine: from coordinating meetings to designing the magazine, through writing articles and other pieces. Local volunteers and young people from all around the world also contribute to the magazine by writing articles and/or translating them.

Who do we write for?

We write for everyone! In each issue of VOICES, we want to provide extensive and interesting content for all our readers.

Why we do that?

Because we are crazy productive young people who want to improve their skills, widen our world and provide these opportunities to other young people as well. We are happy to share our work, welcome new people to the VOICES team through this unique international experience. And we simply just love it!

Can you join us? YES!

VOICES magazine is open to contributions from people of any nationality! We want to give a chance to all interested writers, regardless of their experience or professional level. Articles about any topic, except politics & hate speech, are accepted.

We also need the help of external translators to write and translate articles on a voluntary basis. You will have the chance to have your work published. If needed, we can provide you with a Volunteer Certificate as a proof of your contribution to VOICES magazine.

Share your ideas and articles with us: vcs.sending@gmail.com

“You can make anything by writing.”

C.S. Lewis

Let’s make something beautiful together.




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Emil Zola 3/3-1, 1000, Skopje

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